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Dee Ostrander Pro for Baker Skateboards

When we first got word that Baker would be surprising our good friend, Dee Ostrander, with his very first pro model, we knew we had to be there.  We got wind of the big secret only a couple of days before, so we cleared our schedules, packed up the car, filled the cooler and headed to Dee’s hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.


Getting ready for the road.

When we arrived in Nashville, we met up with the F.U. Crue and hit the streets.  Then we met Dee and the Baker boys at the first spot.

Dee, Theotis, and the boys

Dee, Theotis, and some of the boys

The heat really got turned up at the next spot.  We were rolling with about 40 dudes, and we are at this sick rail spot in downtown Nashville.  Security showed up, and they were pissed off right away.  One of the security guys pushed someone, and the crew didn’t take that very well.  A couple pushes and middle fingers later, security blocked all the entrances and all the vans and cars that were with us had to hop some curbs to get away before the cops showed up.

"Suck IT" to security.

“Suck IT” to security.

After a couple more spots and a couple more run-ins with cops and security, it was time to head to Hattie B’s where Andrew Reynolds was planning to turn Dee pro.  In classic Boss Man style, Reynolds picked up the tab and bought everyone plenty of food and beer.  When the food arrived on everyone’s tables, Doughnut (Baker Team Manager) walked around with a tray of specially labeled Texas Pete hot sauce bottles.  Dee grabbed a bottle, and then realized what was happening.  As soon as he began to look around the patio errupted and out came his first pro model boards for Baker.  That is when things start to get blurry.  Thanks for the good times, and the heavy hangover, Nashville.  DEE IS F#CK!NG PRO!

Dee Ostrander Pro For Baker

Dee holding his very first pro model board

When the boss turns your friend pro, you gotta be there. @diseasedostrich #DeeProAsFuck4Baker 🎉🎉🎉

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Riley Hawk Pro Shoe Review And Video

First Impression

New Riley Hawk Lakai Shoe

My first impression of the new Riley Hawk pro model shoe from Lakai was that it looked very similar to the Lakai Owen, except it had an upper that included laces.  The shape of the toe is almost exactly like the Owen.  The Riley includes an added toe bumper that the Owen doesn’t have though.  When you first put the shoe on you notice that it is a bit stiff.  The reason behind that is because the back of the shoe around the heel is made of a tough canvas.  Depending on how your feet fit in ther shoe this could cause discomfort for the first day or so.  The LUX-LITE insole provides a decent bit of cushion and support.  The shape of the toe is a bit wider than I’m used to, but I don’t think it will have a negative effect at all.

One Week Of Skating

After a week of skating in the Riley’s, the break in process was finally over.  The bulked up sole and added toe bumper are great for making the shoe last longer, but the downfall is that it takes longer to break them in.  The insoles are holding up strong and have yet to pack down from taking impact.  The only major wear area is around the collar of the shoe.  The stitching ripped in the first couple of days and the foam padding around the collar is now exposed.  The laces that come with the shoe are thin, and the first one ripped pretty easily.  Once these shoes are broken in they start to skate very well.

Three Weeks Of Skating

Riley Hawk Shoe Ripped Up

After another week there really isn’t a huge difference in wear.  The most obvious area for concern is the collar and the lacing area.  At this point I had ripped all the laces, and the collar began to fall apart more.  An easy fix to all this would be to put a new lace in.  These issues did not affect the way the shoe skated though.  To be completely honest I was not a fan of this shoe at first, but the more I skated the shoe the more I began to like it.  This is the kind of shoe that gets better with time.  Pack a couple extra laces and these bad boys are good to go.  It has been three weeks and the Riley’s have more life left in them.  If I were to rate the shoe, I would give the Riley Hawk’s first pro model a 7 out of 10.

Find the Riley Hawk shoe right here!



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Best Skateboarding Podcasts and Radio Shows

Skateboarding Podcasts

Why listen to Nancy Grace rant about how pot kills people when you could listen to someone have an interesting conversation with one of your favorite professional skateboarders?  It is 2015 and skateboarding related podcasts and talk shows are on the rise.  Some people have been at it a long time, while others are new to the game and adapting very quickly.  Regardless of if you are sitting behind a desk working a 9-5 or stuck in traffic on the way to a spot, these talk shows are a great way to gain a little extra insight that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.  Here is a list of our favorite skateboarding podcasts and radio shows.

The Tim O’Connor Show

Skateboarding’s funniest MC and Habitat Skateboards pro, Tim O’Connor, now has his own podcast.  Although he has only put out three episodes so far, his show is our personal favorite because of how much it makes us laugh.  His guests have mostly been fellow Habitat team riders from past and present.  The Brian Wenning episode is one you just have to listen to in order to believe it.  You can’t even make this shit up.



Fos FM

Mark “FOS” Foster is the founder of Heroin Skateboards and also the art director Baker, Deathwish, and Altamont.  FOS hails from across the pond, and has a really interesting and quite refreshing taste in music.  His show comes on every Thursday at 9 PM west coast time.  In between interviewing and asking his guests questions, FOS plays really great tunes.  Our personal favorite episode has to be the Dee Ostrander and Shane Powell episode, lots of laughs and crunchy Memphis rap.  Listen to it here.

FOS FM With Dee Ostrander and Shane Powell


Mostly Skateboarding

Mostly Skateboarding is a podcast run by a dude named Templeton Elliott.  Templeton worked for The Skateboard Mag for years gathering all the content for their website and running their social media accounts.  He is an east coast native and his podcasts usually feature east coast skateboarding legends like Donny Barley and Paul Zitzer.  These podcasts are short, usually running about 10 minutes long, and definitely worth your time.  Listen to Donny Barley tell wild stories from old Toy Machine trips.


The Anthony Shetler Show

Anthony Shetler Show

Founder of All I Need Skateboards and all around ripper, Anthony Shetler claims skateboarding saved his life, and after reading his interview on Jenkem Magazine’s website, that statement couldn’t be more true.  Anthony has a unique ability to get people talking.  From Marc Johnson talking about shitty handshakes to Steve Berra speaking on Scientology, these podcasts are lengthy, but interesting as hell.  Let Mr. Shetler take you through a wormhole right here.


Skate To Create

This podcast takes a different approach than most other skateboarding talk shows and podcasts.  Skate To Create focuses less on the act of skateboarding and more on what can be learned from skateboarding and how that translates into life and business.  While it may not sound as cool as some of the other shows we have listed, they interview a lot of guys that work behind the scenes in the skateboarding industry.  For those of you out there that want to work in skateboarding, these are really good podcasts to listen to without a doubt.  This episode that features Fred van Schie offers a lot of insight into what it really takes to get a job in the industry.

Skate Talk Live

These dudes have been at it for a long time.  Bob Altamirano is the host and is usually accompanied by his friend Boosh on this hilarious show that features everyone from the infamous ATL twins to a drunken commentary/team reunion with the cast of Foundation’s “That’s Life” video.  Sit back, crack a beer, and hang out on the couch with these dudes for a while, you won’t regret it.  They haven’t updated in a while, but there is plenty to watch before their next episode.

Did we miss one?  Is your favorite skateboarding podcast not on the list?  Let us know below in the comments.

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etnies and Altamont Casual Apparel and Footwear

Altamont Clothing And Etnies Shoes

Altamont Clothing And Etnies Shoes


Sometimes You Have To Look Presentable

When those old beaten up Dickies and that Spitfire shirt that smells like last night’s bar tab aren’t appropriate for the occasion, you have to step it up.   Altamont and Etnies have roots deeply embedded in skateboarding.  The Altamont gear feautured is lightweight and perfect for those hot days when you aren’t skating.  The Etnies shoes are made of a mesh upper and a super comfortable STI Evolution Foam sole that makes your feet feel loved after hours of relentless beatings from the pavement.  Hell, you might even catch some trim that’s way out of your league with this look.  Put down the spliff, call a cab, and let’s do this shit play boy.

Products Featured:

Altamont Fielder S/S Woven (Bone) Button-Up

Altamont Sanford (Beige) Shorts

ETNIES Scout (Black)

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Vans’ Propeller | 7 Highlights

Vans‘ first full length video, Propeller, has arrived, and it exceeded our expectations by a mile.  It is very rare that a video with so much hype around it actually lives up to everyone’s expectations.  Every single part in the video could have been the curtains of any average video, but not a Vans video.  From Chima and Rowan, to Dan Lu and Gilbert, to Kyle Walker and AVE, this video is jam packed with the most amazing skateboarding paired with beautiful cinematography.  We watched it over and over again and compiled a short list of clips that definitely deserve some extra love…


Vans’ Propeller Clips You Need To Watch


Ray Barbee’s Blunt Heelflip

Ray Barbee In Vans Propeller


Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that we didn’t expect to see any Ray Barbee footage, but damn we really didn’t see this trick coming.  The image above features one clip of him pushing and hitting the no-complys perfectly. And then there was this… Read More

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Take Off: A Vans Visual

Vans has been “Off The Wall” since 1966.  Appealing to all walks of life, Vans brings a taste of their relaxed southern California roots to people around the world.  Take off with this photo set showcasing some Vans gear that will help chill out your high-speed lifestyle.

Vans "Take Off"

Vans "Take Off" 5

Vans "Take Off" 4

Vans "Take Off" 3

Vans "Take Off" 2

Vans Products Featured:

Frazier Button-Up (Indigo Dot), Jalama Heather Decksider Short (Graphite), Happy Daze Shoes (Marshmallow)

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Return of the Rubberized Toe Cap

Rubber Toe Cap Skate Shoes

Without a doubt, lately, you’d be hard pressed to look into a footwear catalog and not see at least one model featuring a rubberized toe cap. The majority of footwear brands are adapting to this trend. “Why?”, you may ask? Well for starters, besides offering a slight vintage look (Think PF Flyers and The Sandlot) the rubber toe cap significantly adds more life to your standard skate shoe.

In no particular order. Here are some of our favorite upcoming releases and a model we hope to see in the near future:


Huf Classic Lo


HUF Classic Lo 

What you see is what you get with this no thrills low top; vulcanized construction + minimal padding. Definitely a good look for anyone looking for superior board feel but can sacrifice a little support.

Find Them Here


Vans Happy Daze


Vans Happy Daze

Aesthetically, the Vans Happy Daze and Huf Classic Lo look a lot alike. However, the Happy Daze is not necessarily a cut and dried skate shoe. It caters more to day to day casual wear. With it’s removable, washable UltraCush Eco footbed, go ahead and pop them socks off because you will want to go sockless on your next night out on the town.

Find Them Here


Did Nyjah Huston bring the Illuminati to skateboarding?


Adidas Superstar


Adidas Superstar Re-Release


When I think of rubberized toe caps, personally, two shoes pop into my head: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star & the Adidas Superstar. The latter has recently been reissued in several limited color-ways to honor the skateboarders who wore them best (Kareem Campbell, Richard Angelides, Drake Jones, and Joey Bast).

Find Them Here

With that being said, I’d like to call attention to the fact that Elissa Steamer should be noted in this conversation. Just watch her part in Toy Machine’s “Welcome to Hell (1996)”. We would love to see “Steamer” written in gold foil by the three stripes! Elissa truly is a Superstar.



Check out some classic video parts that earned these guys pro model Adidas shoes…

Now let’s take a look into the future to see what’s coming down the line.


Nike SB Zoom All Court CK

For what seems like an eternity a lot of us have been wondering what shoe has the whimsical Cory Kennedy been running. Well, it’s the All Court and it’s about to drop this fall and here is a sneak peak for the ones dropping in November and December:


806306-061-PV 806306-181-PV 806306-211-PV


It doesn’t take a sneaker expert to tell you that Converse is no stranger to rubberized toe caps. From the Jack Purcell to the Chuck Taylor the rubber toe cap is part and parcel to Converse’s image. This summer they will introduce a new style that mimics the more petite toe cap of the Huf Classic or Happy Daze. So if you were ever on the fence and need a shoe to test the rubber toe cap waters you are in luck. The Converse Sumner will be available in June!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 3.06.50 PM


Use these 3 tips to make your skate shoes last longer…


DC Evan Smith Pro?

This last style is pure speculation but everyone here is hoping this model comes to fruition.

Evan Smith has been spotted wearing a sample of a low top vulcanized DC shoe that features, you guessed it….a RUBBER TOE CAP.

evan-smithevan smith 2

So with DC potentially creating a pro model with this rubberized toe cap, I think it’s safe to say that this re-emerging style is here to stay. It will be incredibly interesting to see what other brands adapt.

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