5 Contest DON’Ts

After having entered and judged a countless number of contests, I have compiled a small list of some of the most looked down upon tricks that could cost you that spot on the podium.

1.  Pressure Flips

They died out in the 90s for a reason.  Unless you are Nate Sherwood, you need to give these things a rest.  Actually, even he needs to forget how to do them.


2.  “Fatty to Flattys”

Fatty to Flatty

Fatty to Flatty

See that ramp that everyone else is landing in?  It was put there for a reason.  We get it, you are just too cool for that other ramp.


3.  Pop Shuv-It Tailgrabs

Real flip tricks aren’t your thing?  That’s totally cool, but don’t go flinging your board around, grabbing it and putting it back under your feet thinking you can get away with it.  Learn real tricks.


4.  Benihanas



“They look so cool,” said the longboarders and scooter kids standing around.  Contrary to their belief, they don’t look that cool.  The benihana falls under the “circus trick” umbrella.   There is even an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing the atrocity that is the benihana.


5.  Fly-Outs

Fly Out


While the rest of this list can be argued over, no one likes fly-outs.  These are the red-headed stepchildren of the “Fatty to Flatty.”  We’ve all been snaked by that one person who just wants to see how many decks he can air over coming out of the bowl onto flat.  Give it up kids, land back in that tranny!


These words may sound harsh, but we are just trying to help!  Remove these tricks form your contest run arsenal, and you will thank us later.


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