Adidas Presents Respect Your Roots Collection

Adidas Respect Your Roots

Adidas has just issued several special color ways of their iconic Superstar shell toe shoe for the people that rocked them best: Richard Angelides, Kareem Campbell, Drake Jones, and Joey Bast. To help commemorate the event we put together a short Instagram teaser showcasing what we think are the best tricks by them rocking the famed shell toe. Here are the videos in full from where we compiled the clips:

Richard Angelides in Rhythm Skateboard’s Genesis (1997)

One of the most overlooked pioneers of switch rail skating and all around wizard Richard Angelides has a standout part in Rhythm Skateboard’s Genesis. Take notice kids, as this is mandatory viewing. Oh and if you need to review his part in Transworld’s First Love (2005) then now is the perfect time to do so:

Check out Richard’s shoe here.


Kareem Campbell in World Industrie’s 20 Shot Sequence (1995)

From his early success with World Industries to the Tony Hawk video games and most notably running his own successful brand (City Stars) Kareem’s style has always perfectly personified Los Angeles’s school yard skateboarding. The impact Kareem has had on skateboarding is second to none. Without his eye for talent who know’s where many notable pros of today would be, think P-Rod, Mike Taylor, Devine Calloway, and Kevin “Spanky” Long. Thanks, Reemo

Check out Kareem’s shoe here.


Drake Jones in Real Skateboard’s Non Fiction (1997)

Sure Jason Lee may have popularized the 360 flip and is noted as having one of, if not the best 360 flip. However, I think that Drake Jones deserves a major nod in this category. I mean, just look at how smooth he can throw them across street gaps, for starters, then look at how casual the switch 360 flip manual is at 1:50. Game over.

Drake’s shoe is coming soon…


With all that said, I speak for everyone here at and the skate community as a whole when I say, “Thank you all” for your contribution to skateboarding. Much love and respect.


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