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Leatherman “Grind” Multitool Review

Smaller than your walletSo let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than being out skateboarding and breaking a board. It always seems to happen on those perfect days; blue skies, good vibes, and even better spots, when disaster strikes. As a seasoned skateboarder, I typically keep a spare deck in my car for myself or a friend in need, but I always fall victim to the “no-skate-tool blues”. This means one of two things; either I don’t have a skate tool on-hand or have a skate tool minus a screw driver (I’m looking at you Unit Skate Tools).

Recently I was stoked to be given the opportunity to test out the new Leatherman Grind Skate Tool. Generally I am always be skeptical of any outsider companies entering the skateboard arena; however, the Leatherman brand is synonymous with quality craftsmanship. I knew their product would probably be awesome.

The Grind Skate Tool doesn’t disappoint and it features eight tools; a Grip Tape File, 9/16” Open End Wrench, Bottle Opener, Truck Key, ¼” Hex Bit Driver, ½” Open End Wrench, 3/8” Open End Wrench, and a #1-2 Flat/Phillips Screwdriver. These eight tools are divided into two separate pieces, which snap together to make one compact tool. This bad boy weighs in at a little under two ounces and is a hair longer than a credit card, so it’s not bad skating with it in your pocket.

After using it for an entire day, my only complaint is the #1-2 flat/Phillips screwdriver tends to slip if your mounting hardware is slightly worn out, so turn slowly and you’ll be fine. Other than that this tool is essentially flawless and should last for forever. Hell, it’s back by a 25 year guarantee. So whether you are setting up a new board or looking to open a road soda, Leatherman has got you covered with the Grind Skate Tool.

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Ride like Janoski Raffle!

Where are the Nike SB Fans? Here comes another great contest for We have Janoski skate packages for couple very lucky fans. You are instantly entered to win one of the above Janoski packages with any Nike SB Purchase! The “Ride Like Janoski Raffle” will end October 31, 2011. The competition is fierce already, so hurry up and get your name in the raffle. Enter as often as you would like.

Globe Gym Bag & Jake on YouTube

At this point, I am sure that you are well aware of who Jake Duncombe is. TransWorld Skateboarding recently named Jake one of the Ten Infamous Australians. That’s a pretty big notch in his belt if you ask us. TWS had this to say:

“Just when you think he might finally be a couple of bourbon and cokes over the line, he’ll come out to Downtown Showdown and promptly back noseblunt the Hubba.”

We are hyped to fire it up with Globe this month. Buy any pair of Globe skate shoes and we will include a FREE Globe Gym Bag with the purchase! Respect the tech in a pair of Globe Fusion or enjoy a rummer and a cigar in the Castro.  Whatever your angle, Globe has you covered.

Free Converse Grip tape W/Any Converse Shoe Purchase

Our guy, JT, lined up a sweet deal with Converse for one of this month’s “Gift With Purchase” promotions. Buy any pair of Converse or CONS skate shoes, and we will include a sheet of Converse grip-tape with your order, FREE! Get it while supplies last!

If you have trouble making the decision, I will tell you the Cons Trapasso Pro Ox (to the left) are classic for both skating and chillin’. These things on point…whether you’re skating in the park or simply walking to the bus stop. Super durable and the price is right. What ever your shoe plans, take a look at our Converse Skate styles or find our CONS here. If your not a skate guy and don’t need a free sheet of cool ass Converse griptape, give it to your friend, nephew, or the rider pushing in-front of your local shop. As always, is Skater Owned and Operated! Have questions, give us a call @(866) 355-7463.


Elissa Steamer Parts Ways with Zero

Elissa Steamer, also dubbed “The godmother of street skating” has left her board sponsor, Zero. Her departure from Zero happened two weeks ago. Elissa told ESPN “I don’t want to make a big deal out of this,” when asked why she was moving on, “Obviously it just wasn’t working out. Just differences, that’s all.”

With the start of X Games 17 this week, she definitively has a lot on her mind. For now, she will be riding without a sponsor. She will be riding for herself and concentrating on gold medal number 7.

Elissa turned pro with Toy Machine and Bootleg. She joined the Zero skate team in the summer of 2006.  Jamie Thomas, the founder of Zero skateboards, said, “Elissa and I go way back and she’ll always be one of my favorite skaters. The last few years she’s been doing her own thing and since the Zero Skate team is so big, we weren’t able to support her the way she wanted to be supported. So, we talked about everything and agreed it might be best for everyone if we just high-5’d on all the good times and parted ways.  I still value our relationship and I’m nostalgic about all the good times we’ve had skating and hanging out over the years. I wish her the best with whatever she does and I’ll always be on the sidelines cheering her on!”

When asked about her relationship with Jamie Thomas, Steamer had this to say: “Me and Jamie have been friends for a long time. It was a difficult decision to make. It’s hard enough to make career decisions let alone those heavy ones. It’s like breaking up with someone, you know? Zero was five years of my life. Of course I’m thankful for that. And Jamie hooked me up. I really only had a shoe sponsor when he put me on Zero. I didn’t have a board sponsor for a while before that. And it’s like that right now — for the time being anyway. I don’t have a board sponsor.”

What will she be riding at this week’s X Games 17? The 6-time X Games gold medalist seems to be over it for now. Maybe the time has come for her to do her own thing.  We look forward to another Gold-Medal, Elissa! If the board is blank and temporarily stripped, well that’s okay, too.

If you want to watch Elissa Steamer, or catch some behind the scenes “Live” coverage of XGames 17, you can do it from your cube. Just check out X Games Live on Facebook.


Supra SKYTOP 3 London Launch Party

Supra dropped their product launch party on us in Europe. I did miss the flight to London, so I guess this story from Supra will have to do. The party was good for Chad Muska and his SUPRA SKYTOP III!  Check out the event recap, photo’s, and words from Supra below.

The SUPRA SKYTOP III launch event in London took place at the House of St. Barnabas in London’s posh West End on Friday night. The event drew a large and eclectic mix of skaters, actors, artists, models, and retailers all coming together in a unique environment to celebrate the launch of the third installment in the SKYTOP legacy. The operative word here is “large.” The doors to the House of Barnabas opened at 9 p.m. and within six minutes, the place was packed. By ten, the house was at capacity and no one was allowed entry unless someone left. At one point the shutters were drawn because people were actually climbing the walls of the house to get a glimpse into the event. Check out some of the photo’s from London Supra SKYTOP 3 launch party!

Source: Supra News

Kenny Anderson LA to Vegas

This is history.  Kenny Anderson is back on the Converse team. You know the deal, but just in case you got lost along the way, Kenny laced up his Chucks back in 1997, turning pro officially a year later.  It almost seems like yesterday.  Ha, yeah, 14 years ago yesterday. After his introduction with Converse, Kenny rode for Planet Earth, Chocolate, and Adio. Five years ago, Kenny, then skating for Adio, showcased his journey from his hometown of Las Vegas to L.A.
Check out Kenny Anderson (ADIO) 2002 –
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