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Marc Johnson Sponsor Me Tape

This ladies and gentlemen is what you call Internet GOLD.  Bask it all its glory that is Marc Johnson from 1993.

How to break the internet

The highly anticipated video from Shane O’Neill titled “Shane Goes” literally did just that.  Once it was put on Thrasher magazine’s website a very select few were able to watch it before hundreds, thousands, millions of people hit the site at the same time.  What happens to a website when it gets flooded with people?  You guessed it – the servers crashed.  Thankfully Thrasher was able to get the problem fixed and now you can enjoy what is arguable the best web edit we’ve seen this year.   Sit back and watch Skate Mental’s very own go just that….Mental.

Lakai’s Picture Me Eurollin’ – The Movie

Lakai has one of the most diversely talented skate teams in skateboarding.  Check the crew out as they tour Europe and hit multiple countries and skate every rad street spot and skatepark!  Make sure to watch till the end as there are some pretty heavy lines that didn’t make the original cut.

Lakai’s trip to Europe featuring Daniel Espinoza, Jon Sciano, Sebo Walker, Vincent Alvarez, Riley Hawk, Stevie Perez, Rick Howard, Danny Brady, Nick Jensen and Sylvan Tognelli.

All City Showdown | Chicago

One of the coolest concepts we’ve seen is this All City Showdown done by Uprise & Converse.  Labeled “A Real Street Contest” the idea was 84 skateboarders were invited to skate the streets of Chicago for 8 hours with a chance to win a portion of $11,000.  Now we all know money talks so you can imagine the things that go down in this video.  The judges highlight their favorite riders and or tricks so make sure you pay close attention.  Chicago is defiantly on the bucket list of places to visit and skate.  Chi Town Stand Up!

Insta Hammers – 5 WTF Insta Videos This Week

It’s no secret that instagram is most likely the number one source for seeing the craziest trick or spot right now.  Typically it’s 15 seconds of WTF followed by head to our site or youtube  for the full part.  That being said here are the craziest Insta Hammers we’ve seen this week thus far.

1) Thrasher Magazine – Fakie Ollie.  Get bent then get buck!

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“Crusty by Nature” – Wes Kremer

Wes Kremer

Um…you should probably stop what you are doing and enjoy this little edit that DC Shoes did for Wes.  BEAST MODE.

Timeless Skateboard Graphics

GONZ – Any Mark Gonzales skate board graphic over the years. His own art helped inspired countless kids to pick up paint pens and draw it their way. If you don’t like what they are doing, do it yourself. Gonz showed kids that this is possible and started a whole new trend of pro’s drawing their own graphics. Complete inspiration.

Gonzales Series



Series Decks- It was so awesome when companies did series graphics. You could not wait to see what the next one was going to be. Just like your favorite comic book or band, you could not wait for the new issue or album to drop… We all have our favorites within the series but as a whole they tell a great story. John Lucero and Rob Roskopp had some of the best most anticipated ones of all time.

Lucero Series 2

Lucero Series 1


Roskopp Series


Controversial Decks- Skateboarding has always lived outside of the main stream. Never scared to tackle any issue, no topic is ever too controversial as seen in these decks. Push the limits and making parents crazy in the process. The funny thing is, these are the most sought after cherished decks out. You can always remember where you were and what you were doing the first time you saw one of these in person. Instant time warp.





Hard to find decks