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Press Release: Ambush Board Co. Is Making Moves Again has merged with parent corp.; Ambush Board Co.

Kennesaw, GA, February 19, 2016: Since 1997, Ambush Board Co. has been making moves in board sports.  Ambush was the first ever full-service board sports retailer in Georgia, specializing in skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, footwear, apparel, and accessories.  Ambush offers the strongest and most desired brands catering to men and women, as well as the young rippers.

Way back in the year 2000, Ambush originated their first e-commerce website; was the web’s first wakeboard only online pro shop and made heads turn with their maxim – “No Skis, No Tubes, No Bulls#!t.” is renowned as the worldwide leader in online wakeboarding retail and continues to set the pace and drive/guide the wakeboard industry.

In 2004, Ambush reinvented board sports online retail again by releasing three distinct niche websites:, offering the very best snowboarding brands;, selling skateboard footwear and apparel; and, dishing out a 24/7 no promo code required Multi-Shoe Discount Program.

The Ambush Board Co. eSquad
The Ambush Board Co. eSquad

Several years later, Ambush Board Co. launched an all-inclusive website,, that encompasses all sports, brands, and categories found on the other four sites.  Building on their legacy and strong brick-and-mortar reputation, has rapidly become the trusted go-to e-commerce website for riders worldwide.

With the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce,, and have merged into  Why?  It just makes sense!

Now, all customers will have instant access to every product for every sport from every brand in one expertly designed website. has “Everything You Need to Ride”!

About Ambush Board Co.
Ambush Board Co. is a universally recognized global leader in board sports retail.  Founded in 1997 in Kennesaw, GA, Ambush is owned and operated by a core group of devoted skateboarders, wakeboarders, and snowboarders who are deeply invested in the board sports community, and has evolved by staying true to its essential principles of Service, Knowledge, Integrity, Commitment, and Passion.  Ambush always has been and always will be unyielding in their collective efforts to push the progression of board sports retail.

Where Will Mike Mo Go?

I’m really not 100% sure why this is getting as much hype as it is, but, as most people are already well aware, Mike Mo Capaldi will be leaving Lakai once his contract expires at year’s end.

There’s a whole lot of speculation out there as to where Mike Mo will land, but the conventional wisdom is that he will be heading to DC for a full footwear and apparel deal (which…leads to the assumption that he will be leaving Matix as well).

A really interesting article on the subject was posted on yesterday.  This article discusses the post-Fully Flared departures of Anthony Pappalardo (Converse), Cairo Foster (etnies), Alex Olson (Vans), Eric Koston (Nike SB), and Lucas Puig (adidas)…while describing Lakai as a sort of “development team”…where young talent gets on early, builds names for themselves, and later get lured away by lucrative contracts offered by the big brands.  This article suggests that this phenomenon will become a ongoing pattern for Lakai…especially given the “instant cool factor” that an association with Girl or Chocolate brings.

I guess…the real issue isn’t who rides for who and why, the real issue is the push and pull between the “for the skaters, by the skaters” ethos and big, public brands that have broken into the skate market.

Personally, I’m not going to fight this fight.  Naturally, I would prefer that skateboarding stay true to it’s so-called “core” roots, but, as they say, “core is poor”…and why shouldn’t guys like Mike Mo take the money that’s put in front of them?  Similarly, why shouldn’t these big companies try to build their brands and expand out into skateboarding…particularly if they’re offering a product that skaters want?

(No title)

As a follow-up to last week’s “Did Contests Kill The Street Skater” blog post, I would like to highlight a couple of alternative contests on the horizon.

All City Showdown #6
All City Showdown is a true street skating contest. Spots, cracks, rough ground, weather, security, pedestrians, cops, traffic and a time limit. Everyone leaves the shop at 11 and comes back [at] 7 to hand in their footage. It’s that simple.”
This year’s Showdown deviates from Showdowns past in that 3 skaters and 1 filmer are given 8 hours to collect footage.  All footage is turned in at the end of the day is only seen by the All City judges and the editors until the day of the premier.  Difficulty of tricks, number of spots, quality of spots, style, and creativity all are taken into account when deciding the winners.
Take a look at this video from last year’s All City Showdown 5.

King of the Road 2011
The title of King of the Road is given out once a year by Thrasher magazine.  The tradition was started in 2003…and has been one of the premier skateboarding contests in the good ol’ U.S.A. ever since.  King of the Road, of course, is known for serious ripping combined with urine-soaked, old lady make-out session-laden gnarliness and true skater grit.  It’s time to start desensitizing yourself to any sort of sordid, grimy luridness in advance of next year’s wild ride.
Check out the KOTR 2011 End Of The Line Party video.

Slap Mag’s 8th annual One In A Million
Since 2003, Slap Mag has been giving unknown riders the chance to get known.  This year’s 10 finalists have been announced.  Who is going to fight through the heel bruises, the shredded elbows, and the sleep deprivation?  Will it be you in 2012?

Did Contests Kill The Street Skater?

Chris Thiessen asks the question “Did contests kill the street skater” in Part One of his compelling two-part Judgement Day video series.  This seems like an obvious question, but is the answer as plainly evident?

Of course, solid contest results aren’t a prerequisite for a successful professional career, but it seems as if, with the advent of the mega-contest, contest results are starting to take precedence over things like video parts and magazine interviews.

But, although contests may take some of the “soul” out of street skating, they aren’t necessarily the worst thing for street skating.  Greg Lutzka’s feeling is that, because of the tremendous amount of pressure brought on by big-time contests, a lot of real progression is now rooted in contest skating.

Additionally, it seems to me that most skaters recognize that, although it may be possible in this day and age to make a career purely out of contest riding, a true professional is well rounded.  And…I don’t think that we’ll ever see the day where the status of an amazing video part (like…Jerry Hsu’s part in Bag of Suck or Jon Nguyen’s introduction in Blueprint) is diminished by a contest-winning run.

For more perspectives on the subject from Dennis Busenitz, Sean Malto, Lance Mountain, and others, check out the video.

You can also check out the full article in the November issue of TransWorldSKATE.

Mind The Gap/Damn Am Atlanta

The Atlanta streets were fraught with skater dudes over the weekend…as two high-profile events claimed a stake on our town: Red Bull Mind the Gap and Damn Am Atlanta.

With the stated goal of bringing skateboarding out of the parks and back to the streets, Red Bull brought their Mind the Gap event to downtown Atlanta over the weekend.  The inaugural flat-gap contest took place at the intersection of Poplar and Lucky Streets…and, of the 60 skaters who participated, it was CJ Tamborino out of Minnesota who took first place with a switch varial kickflip.

As far as the Damn Am Atlanta Qualifiers at Hazard County is concerned…Ishod Wair, Antonio Massey, Dan Plunkett, Chase Webb, and Alec Majerus made up the top five…and will be headed to the Tampa Am later this year.

Did you all have fun this weekend?  I figured as much.  Are you all skated out?  Yeah…I didn’t think so. Did you get enough partying in? You don’t have to answer such an insane question.

Good luck to Ishod Wair at the Tampa Am in December.  I can’t believe that, just a few short years ago, you didn’t have a single sponsor.

Check out the video our friends at AtlantaHatesUs posted up.


Zero/DGK Tour

Rumor has it that Zero and DGK are going to be a joint tour at some point in the near future…at least that’s the rumor.

While, at this point, this may only idle talk, there are a lot of people out there who really want to see this happen. I mean…have you seen the Slap forums? A tour like this would be the perfect intertwining of the once diametrically opposed “rapper”/”rocker” skateboarding factions.

Can you picture Chris Cole and Stevie Williams skating together in perfect harmony?  James Brockman and Keelan Dadd?  Sheldon Meleshinski and Lenny Rivas?  Even pairing the two brand identities of Zero and DGK seems somewhat unnatural.

But, the fact is that the cross-over potential is there…and, if a huge turnout across the various skate cliques is what you want, this seems to be the right way to get it.  Who knows…in the process, we might start seeing a little more unity in the skate community…and a sense that we are much more than what our style of dress, our musical tastes, and the brand of skateboard that we ride says that we are? I’m just hoping that, if this does become a reality, they tour finds its way to Atlanta.


Osama bin Laden Is Dead.

Obviously, I understand that this has nothing to do with skateboarding or or any specific product release or promotion or the industry as a whole, but this isn’t the NBA Playoffs or the Princess getting married, it’s big news…and something that is beyond worth discussing and even celebrating. Osama bin Laden is dead.

After a intensive world-wide manhunt that lasted nearly a decade, two wars that are still ongoing, and questions as to whether or not capturing or killing bin Laden was still even a major objective of ours, President Obama made what is rightly considered to be “one of the gutsiest calls of any President in recent memory”. The result: the world had rid itself of one of its greatest mass murders.

The death of any human being typically isn’t something to be applauded, but I don’t think that I am alone in saying that we can make an exception in this case.

Clearly, bin Laden’s killing isn’t the magic solution to all of our problems…and the threat of terrorism against the United States has by no means vanished. According to CIA Director, Leon Panetta, terrorists will “almost certainly will attempt to avenge” the death of Osama bin Laden. However, the point has been made: you cannot wait us out and you cannot defeat us.
And…I think that we can all exhale with a certain feeling of closure…and can find solace in that the thousands of civilians that died on September 11th…and that thousands more soldiers that have died combating terrorism since did not die in vain.

Terrorist rot in hell.