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I am a skateboarder and action sports pundit from Atlanta, Georgia. The opinions I express are entirely my own.

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The SPoT Crew Hits Atlanta with Travis Glover and Stevie Williams

The SPoT crew recently came through our hometown for the Damn Am South and decided the opportunity was ripe to hit the streets of ATL with renowned local, Travis Glover. Check it out as the crew hits some famed Atlanta spots before making their way over to Kayo Corp hideout, Da Playground.

Travis Glover muggin'

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Locals Only, Bro. No Kooks!

In a yesteryear-themed tale of epic proportions, the Back Forty Bros, consisting of Pedro Sanchez (Marc Johnson), Larry Larry (Chris Roberts), and Blazyr (Kenny Anderson) hit the streets in search of curbs and smooth concrete. What they found other than apocalyptical jump-ramp bliss, was love, admiration, and above all…respect from their peers. Well done, well fk’n done. No kookery here.

Locals only, No kooks.

No kooks here.

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Aaron JAWS Homoki – A Happy Medium 3

At this point, you already know Aaron “JAWS” Homoki is not afraid to jump off big stuff will jump off damn near anything. His  newest part, A Happy Medium III does nothing to refute this. Seriously, I feel for the dude’s knees because this part is madness.

Camp Woodward Adds Security Guards for Authentic Street Skating Experience

It looks like Camp Woodward has stepped it up and finally added the missing piece to their puzzle, security officers. This will insure that campers get the most authentic street skating experience in the country without ever having to step out of the compound. Everybody wins.

"Come back with a Malto board"

“Come back with a Malto board”

Triple Kinked Rail Darkslide Video

Provoked by Daewon Song, skateboarder Branson Chubbuck went out and stuck a flawless darkslide down a triple kinked rail in what looks to be only two tries. I have to admit, I’ve never even considered this possible until now. Now I’m eager to see the darkslide get taken to new heights.

Jedi Mind tricks

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Tony Hawk, Schoolboy Q, and Moby on a Hoverboard

You’ve seen Back From the Future. You remember the Hoverboard chase scene. You’ve dreamt about owning one ever since. Really though, at some point we all have. So when this video surfaced of Tony Hawk, Moby, Best Coast, Schoolboy Q, and other noteworthy LA residents riding a HUVr Tech Hoverboard, we were in awe. Even Christopher Lloyd, the original DeLorean-weilding Dr. Brown, is in the video.

Your call. Fake or Real? Either way this edit is well worth your time.

HUVr Tech Hoverboard Concept

Christopher Lloyd Dr. Emmett Brown Dolorean

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VOX Backin’ GA Video

The guys from VOX recently came into town to stack footage for a new web series on Network A. Check out the fruits of your labor in the form of this ATL-based web edit. Kennesaw got a lot of shine. Huge shouts to VOX and everyone for coming out.

Backin' ATL

VOX Backin' GA

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