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I am a skateboarder and action sports pundit from Atlanta, Georgia. The opinions I express are entirely my own.

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New Josh Butler Part for Bender Hardware

This recent part from Josh Butler and Bender is sure to brighten up your Monday. Josh hails from Atlanta Ga., and is known for having more than a couple of tricks up his sleeve.

Watch Josh’s recent full part from Bender below.

Bender Hardware Logo

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Best of the New Arrivals | January

We recently re-stocked the shelves with ton of etnies, Nike SB, HUF, and more. I’ve sifted through the bulk to bring you the highlights form the January drop. Here’s what caught my eye.

etnies Jameson 2 vulcanized rasta lace

The etnies Jameson 2 in black/aloha

Skaters loyal to the etnies brand often have these on their feet. The Jameson 2 is a durable, no-bs workhorse that caters to tech and street skating alike. If you value board feel then give this shoes a good once over before you keep scrolling.

Grippy outsole with supportive upper.

Lakai Marc by Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson and Lakai teamed up to design a mid-top shoe that compliments Johnson’s tech-based street skating. Enjoy a shoe with massive grip and flex yet still keeps your ankles protected.

The classic Janoski you have come to love in Dark Blue

The Nike SB Zoom Janoski by Stefan Janoski

Ahh, the coveted Zoom Janoski. What more can you say about a shoe that speaks for itself? Clean, comfy, with no gimmicks. Browse other Janoski colorways.

Runner inspired.

The runner inspired HUF HR-1

This may not be the first pair of shoes you pull out of the closet to skate – but that’s entirely on purpose. The runner inspired HR-1 from HUF protects and keeps your feet warm when the weather turns up. Keep your feet dry, warm, and supported when you’re sidewalk surfing.


The Etnies Marana by Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler’s latest design from etnies get’s a blue and gum makeover. Known for support your feet during the hardest impacts, the etnies Marana is championed skaters known for hucking themselves off huge drops.


Emerica MADE Chapter One B-Sides | Brandon Westgate

Raw B-Sides are the truth. No literally, they’re accurate documentations of how a tricks went down in real time. Brandon Westgate’s B-Sides for Emerica’s MADE Chapter One are nothing short of fast and furious. See how everything went down in its raw form.

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This guy makes his own curved parking blocks (video)

Unlike road barriers and painted curbs, parking blocks often get overlooked in the realm of DIY skateboarding…well,  until now. Pennsylvania-based skateboarder & concrete sorcerer, Max Zahradnik, is pioneering the art of the DIY parking block. Yes, as in he makes his own parking blocks.

In this edit, Max and his boys get busy on a versatile four-piece block combo that can be shaped like either an O or a S. I can already see the D.O.T. scratching their heads in disbelief…

Max Zahradnik, Concrete Sorcerer

Skateboarder Max Zahradnik

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Paradise Wheels – Best of 2013 Edit

Paradise Wheel Co. just released a scorcher of a season edit featuring Matt Rodriguez, Ron Allen, Dave Abair, Carlos Young , Jerome Campbell, Sam Baptista, Brian Downey , Julian Quevedo, CatNip, Reggie Kelly, Zak Gonzalez & Hugo Balek.

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Richie Jackson Full Part 2013

Richie Jackson is known for being a tad unconventional, finding inspiration in less-than-obvious places. This recent full section by Richie is very refreshing and especially creative. Dig!

Full Part


The Supra Hammer Snake by Jim Greco

Jim Greco’s new signature Hammer Snake low top is a limited edition release by Supra only available at Crown Coalition skate shops. is one of these shops. Don’t sleep on these as the size run is slim!

Get them here.

Hammer Snake Supra Jim Greco  Hammer Snake Starboard side
Supra Hammer Snake Sole BuySkateShoes


Hammer Snake by Jim Greco Supra