Brian Anderson Is Making Moves

In the last couple months, there have been some pretty big changes in the skateboard world.  For example, AVE and Jason Dill have left Alien Workshop, and Brian Anderson has left Girl Skateboards.  Brian Anderson decided to leave Girl Skateboards after over 10 years of amazing skateboarding and a couple of monumental video parts.  It has been rumored that Brian will be joining long time friend Brad Staba over at Skate Mental Skateboards.  It seems the rumor may not be so true.  Brian states in his departure note that he wants to start his own project, and I believe that project is 3D Skateboards.  It doesn’t look like much yet, but I have a feeling we will see some familiar names rocking those logos very soon.  Maybe Alex Olson, or even Austyn Gillette.  In the meantime while you wait for official announcements, go ahead and watch some good old fashioned Brian Anderson footage to keep you stoked!




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