Dee Ostrander Pro for Baker Skateboards

When we first got word that Baker would be surprising our good friend, Dee Ostrander, with his very first pro model, we knew we had to be there.  We got wind of the big secret only a couple of days before, so we cleared our schedules, packed up the car, filled the cooler and headed to Dee’s hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.


Getting ready for the road.

When we arrived in Nashville, we met up with the F.U. Crue and hit the streets.  Then we met Dee and the Baker boys at the first spot.

Dee, Theotis, and the boys

Dee, Theotis, and some of the boys

The heat really got turned up at the next spot.  We were rolling with about 40 dudes, and we are at this sick rail spot in downtown Nashville.  Security showed up, and they were pissed off right away.  One of the security guys pushed someone, and the crew didn’t take that very well.  A couple pushes and middle fingers later, security blocked all the entrances and all the vans and cars that were with us had to hop some curbs to get away before the cops showed up.

"Suck IT" to security.

“Suck IT” to security.

After a couple more spots and a couple more run-ins with cops and security, it was time to head to Hattie B’s where Andrew Reynolds was planning to turn Dee pro.  In classic Boss Man style, Reynolds picked up the tab and bought everyone plenty of food and beer.  When the food arrived on everyone’s tables, Doughnut (Baker Team Manager) walked around with a tray of specially labeled Texas Pete hot sauce bottles.  Dee grabbed a bottle, and then realized what was happening.  As soon as he began to look around the patio errupted and out came his first pro model boards for Baker.  That is when things start to get blurry.  Thanks for the good times, and the heavy hangover, Nashville.  DEE IS F#CK!NG PRO!

Dee Ostrander Pro For Baker

Dee holding his very first pro model board

When the boss turns your friend pro, you gotta be there. @diseasedostrich #DeeProAsFuck4Baker 🎉🎉🎉

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Summer Skate Expo in Southern California

What is a “Skate Expo,” you ask?  It’s a huge, weekend-long event that includes skateboarding contests, professional autograph signings, concerts, and just some good old-fashioned fun!  Skate Expo will be going down in the San Fernando Valley on August 9th-11th.  The line up for skateboarders that are going to be there is absurd… Christian Hosoi, Ryan Sheckler, Guy Mariano, P-Rod, Theotis Beasley, and many, MANY more.  There are contests lined up for skateboarders of all ages and skill levels, including Street, Vert, and Bowl courses.  The professional skateboarders attending will be doing demos and autograph signings.  When the sun sets, there will be bands playing concerts for everyone to hear.  So basically, if you are in the San Fernando Valley area during August 9th-11th, attending should be a no-brainer!

2013 Summer Skate Expo

2013 Summer Skate Expo

What’s New?

In the last couple weeks while browsing the web, I came across a couple videos I wanted to share.  The First being a trailer for Nike SB’s second installment of their “SB Chronicles.”  This one should be pretty awesome, especially when they have Justin Brock, Theotis Beasley and Ishod Wair all in the same video!

The second video I came across is the new Mark Appleyard part that came out on Saturday on The Berrics.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from Mark Appleyard.  Who remembers his part from Flip’s video “Sorry”?  I sure do!  He was definitely one of my top 5 Favorite skaters for a long time.  Watching this part got me siked to get out of the house and go push around.  I got a feeling of relief knowing that Mark Appleyard was still out there going for it because for a while I thought he was out of the game or getting ready to retire.

Follow this link and watch Mark kill it!!

Watch Mark Appleyard’s New Part Here!!


More from Nike SB and Mark Appleyard’s new shoe at

Stee By Sk8Mafia and Sweet Skateboards

Sk8Mafia Skateboards has teamed up with a really cool European skateboard company called Sweet Skateboards to create “STEE.”  STEE is a skateboard video that includes both teams equally.  Each Sk8Mafia team rider shares a part with a Sweet Skateboards team rider.  Really cool idea if you ask me!  What better way for Sk8Mafia to boost their coverage in Europe, and the same goes for Sweet Skateboards in the U.S.  The trailer for the video has been up for a little over a week now, and just this morning Thrasher Magazine posted Tyler Surrey and Gustav Tonnesen’s part.  WOW… That is all I can say right now.  I haven’t gasped out loud from watching a skate video since I was a kid, but this part was absolutely ridiculous!  Such amazing styles mixed with never-been-done tricks and very fancy footwork.  Don’t forget the full length video will be available June 21st.  Job well done boys!!

 Watch Tyler and Gustav rip here!!


Check out the Sk8Mafia and DC Shoes collaboration shoe at

Johnny Romano Skate Jam: Skateboarding’s Largest Non-Profit Fundraising Event

This past Saturday concluded the 15th annual Johnny Romano Skate Jam at Southside Skatepark in Houston. This event is skateboarding’s largest non-profit fundraising event and has raised over $650,000 over the years for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The event is the brainchild of Houston native and skateboarder Damien Hebert. “In 14 years we have raised over $650,000 for Make-A-Wish thus directly effecting about 130 kids in making their wishes come true!” Herbert explains. “The great thing about Make-A-Wish is year after year this chapter puts over 93% to 95% of the money raised directly into the wishes for these wonderful children.”

Pros and ams came out on Sunday to participate in best trick contests, skate with the kids, and hang out. All winnings were donated to charity. It’s always great to see skateboarding give back.

Highlights from the day can be seen here.

Ben Hatchell

Bank To Wall
Evan Smith

Felipe Gustavo


Pedro Barros Money Man for the 2011 Vans Pro-Tec Pool Party

If you dont already know (2010 Vans Pro-Tec Pool Party Champion) Bucky Lasek recently broke his ankle filming a new commercial. This left the field wide open to shoot for the #1 spot and take home the $30k in prize money! This year’s event was held at the legendary Combi Bowl at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, CA, bringing out the top bowl skaters from around the planet.

The Video below comes by way of Vans “Off the Wall” TV. More coverage of the the top riders can be found under “Heats on Demand” on their site! Check out Barros rippin the bowl, and showing us why his pockets are $30k richer…

Mind The Gap/Damn Am Atlanta

The Atlanta streets were fraught with skater dudes over the weekend…as two high-profile events claimed a stake on our town: Red Bull Mind the Gap and Damn Am Atlanta.

With the stated goal of bringing skateboarding out of the parks and back to the streets, Red Bull brought their Mind the Gap event to downtown Atlanta over the weekend.  The inaugural flat-gap contest took place at the intersection of Poplar and Lucky Streets…and, of the 60 skaters who participated, it was CJ Tamborino out of Minnesota who took first place with a switch varial kickflip.

As far as the Damn Am Atlanta Qualifiers at Hazard County is concerned…Ishod Wair, Antonio Massey, Dan Plunkett, Chase Webb, and Alec Majerus made up the top five…and will be headed to the Tampa Am later this year.

Did you all have fun this weekend?  I figured as much.  Are you all skated out?  Yeah…I didn’t think so. Did you get enough partying in? You don’t have to answer such an insane question.

Good luck to Ishod Wair at the Tampa Am in December.  I can’t believe that, just a few short years ago, you didn’t have a single sponsor.

Check out the video our friends at AtlantaHatesUs posted up.


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