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Best of the New Arrivals | January

We recently re-stocked the shelves with ton of etnies, Nike SB, HUF, and more. I’ve sifted through the bulk to bring you the highlights form the January drop. Here’s what caught my eye.

etnies Jameson 2 vulcanized rasta lace

The etnies Jameson 2 in black/aloha

Skaters loyal to the etnies brand often have these on their feet. The Jameson 2 is a durable, no-bs workhorse that caters to tech and street skating alike. If you value board feel then give this shoes a good once over before you keep scrolling.

Grippy outsole with supportive upper.

Lakai Marc by Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson and Lakai teamed up to design a mid-top shoe that compliments Johnson’s tech-based street skating. Enjoy a shoe with massive grip and flex yet still keeps your ankles protected.

The classic Janoski you have come to love in Dark Blue

The Nike SB Zoom Janoski by Stefan Janoski

Ahh, the coveted Zoom Janoski. What more can you say about a shoe that speaks for itself? Clean, comfy, with no gimmicks. Browse other Janoski colorways.

Runner inspired.

The runner inspired HUF HR-1

This may not be the first pair of shoes you pull out of the closet to skate – but that’s entirely on purpose. The runner inspired HR-1 from HUF protects and keeps your feet warm when the weather turns up. Keep your feet dry, warm, and supported when you’re sidewalk surfing.


The Etnies Marana by Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler’s latest design from etnies get’s a blue and gum makeover. Known for support your feet during the hardest impacts, the etnies Marana is championed skaters known for hucking themselves off huge drops.


Nike SB Presents SB Chronicles Vol. 2

The SB Chronicles Vol. 2, a new full-length video from Nike SB, features Ishod Wair, Daryl Angel, Shane O’Neill, Justin Brock, Laun De Oliveira, Theotis Beasley, and Donovon Piscopo.

SB Chronicles 2. Cast

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What’s New?

In the last couple weeks while browsing the web, I came across a couple videos I wanted to share.  The First being a trailer for Nike SB’s second installment of their “SB Chronicles.”  This one should be pretty awesome, especially when they have Justin Brock, Theotis Beasley and Ishod Wair all in the same video!

The second video I came across is the new Mark Appleyard part that came out on Saturday on The Berrics.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from Mark Appleyard.  Who remembers his part from Flip’s video “Sorry”?  I sure do!  He was definitely one of my top 5 Favorite skaters for a long time.  Watching this part got me siked to get out of the house and go push around.  I got a feeling of relief knowing that Mark Appleyard was still out there going for it because for a while I thought he was out of the game or getting ready to retire.

Follow this link and watch Mark kill it!!

Watch Mark Appleyard’s New Part Here!!


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New Nike SB Drop

The new Nike SB drop has landed…

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Lewis Marnell – ONE LOVE

The most complete Lewis Marnell tribute to date…amazing. One Love.

“Lewis was legitimately a good person, he cared about what was going on in your life, he’d stop to talk with anyone, I mean anyone… A bum, the random lurker you don’t want to talk to a the spot, anyone… We’d always be waiting on him cause he met some new friend at the skate spot/or wherever we stopped the car.” Jason Hernandez, filmer.

Click for details

Browse the current crop of Dunk Mids from Nike SB.

Sean Malto on Nike SB

The new year already brings big news. Sean Malto, 2011 Street League Champion, will be joining the likes of Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, P-Rod, and Eric Koston on Nike. Considering the 22-year-old’s extensive resume he should fit in quite nicely.

“I’ve always been a fan of Eric Koston and Paul Rodriguez,” Malto explains on the Nike SB website. “Being on the same team as them is truly amazing.”

Malto currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri. His sponsors include Girl Skateboards, Nike, Fourstar Clothing, Muchopassionseries, Spitfire Wheels, Gatorade, Thunder Trucks, and Escapist Skateboarding.

For the full story on Malto’s switch to Nike, click here.


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