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Over at the Vans website they are doing this cool section called “Vans’ Rider Week,” where they dedicate a whole week to one of their team riders.  This week’s rider is Chima Ferguson, the Australian powerhouse.  Chima is the newest recipient of a pro model shoe from Vans, and is the first Vans rider to get his own shoe since Anthony Van Engelen in 2006.  If you ask me, that’s quite an honor!  Vans started off the week by posting a bunch of Chima’s past interviews.  I took a look through most of them, and it’s a really awesome way to see his progression throughout the years.  Day two (today) consists of a bunch of the Vans staff Photographer Anthony Acosta’s personal favorite photos of Chima.  Attached to every photo is the story behind the photo itself, which is always an awesome bonus.  I’m interested to see what Vans has in store for us during the week to come!!

Chima Ferguson Skateboard Mag Interview

Chima Ferguson Skateboard Mag Interview

Read Chima’s Past Interviews Here!

Also here is a little teaser of what Chima’s first pro model Vans shoe will look like.

Chima Ferguson's First Pro Model Vans Shoe

Chima Ferguson’s First Pro Model Vans Shoe

Available here at in mid July!


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