Did Contests Kill The Street Skater?

Chris Thiessen asks the question “Did contests kill the street skater” in Part One of his compelling two-part Judgement Day video series.  This seems like an obvious question, but is the answer as plainly evident?

Of course, solid contest results aren’t a prerequisite for a successful professional career, but it seems as if, with the advent of the mega-contest, contest results are starting to take precedence over things like video parts and magazine interviews.

But, although contests may take some of the “soul” out of street skating, they aren’t necessarily the worst thing for street skating.  Greg Lutzka’s feeling is that, because of the tremendous amount of pressure brought on by big-time contests, a lot of real progression is now rooted in contest skating.

Additionally, it seems to me that most skaters recognize that, although it may be possible in this day and age to make a career purely out of contest riding, a true professional is well rounded.  And…I don’t think that we’ll ever see the day where the status of an amazing video part (like…Jerry Hsu’s part in Bag of Suck or Jon Nguyen’s introduction in Blueprint) is diminished by a contest-winning run.

For more perspectives on the subject from Dennis Busenitz, Sean Malto, Lance Mountain, and others, check out the video.

You can also check out the full article in the November issue of TransWorldSKATE.


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