Get Ready for Vans’ New Video ‘Propeller’

Vans Propeller

Vans has been trying to make a video for quite some time.  Their team is a perfect blend of the last couple decades of skateboarding including riders like Steve Caballero, Geoff Rowley, and Rowan Zorilla.  They have just recently announced and dropped a trailer for their new video called Propeller.  Rounding up the whole team and getting them all on the same page, as far as filming for the video goes, was a huge ordeal alone.  Not only that, but they have teamed up with Greg Hunt, the filmmaker behind some of skateboarding’s most iconic videos including Alien Workshop’s Mindfield and Transworld Skateboarding’s Sight Unseen, to make the video.  If that isn’t enough to get you stoked, we have laid out some pretty memorable video parts from Vans team riders over the years to hold you over until Propeller comes out.

Anthony Van Engelen – The DC Video

AVE is known for putting out really strong video parts.  While most of you may relate to his Mindfield part, we would like to shed some light on his part in The DC Video.  It’s worth mentioning that Greg Hunt also made this video.  AVE and Greg Hunt have worked on numerous parts together so we can’t wait to see what they come up with for this new one.

Tony Trujillo – In Bloom

TNT is the man.  He has one of the more unique styles on a skateboard.  While he may be more well known for his tranny skills, Mr. Trujillo can shred the streets with the best of them.  Sit back, relax, crack a beer, and let Tony and Motley Crue bring you home in this classic part from Transworld Skateboarding’s video In Bloom.

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John Cardiel – Sight Unseen

Cardiel is every skater’s favorite skater.  His balls out approach to any terrain is inspiring to us all.  John Cardiel suffered some pretty serious injuries a couple years ago that have kept him from skating for quite some time.  In the last couple months Cradiel has overcome the odds and has been seen skating some backyard bowls.  It would be a stretch to think we are going to be seeing a lot of Cardiel footage in this upcoming Vans video, but shit we would be hyped to see one frontside 5-0 grind snuck in there somewhere.  No one does it like Cardiel does it, that is for sure.  Watch Cardiel boost to some irie vibes in another Greg Hunt classic, Transworld Skateboarding’s Sight Unseen.

Geoff Rowley – Sorry

Rowley is one tough bloke.  Within the first 30 seconds of his part in Flip Skatebords’ video Sorry Rowley takes some of the gnarliest slams that will make anyone cringe.  This video part really set the bar for a lot of skateboarders.  Nut up or shut up with Geoff Rowley as he attacks some of skateboarding’s heaviest terrain.

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Gilbert Crockett – Psycho

Gilbert Crockett is going to have one of the best parts in the upcoming Vans video, without a doubt.  Crockett is a classic case of why going to California to be a professional skateboarder isn’t always the right choice.  Gilbert moved to California and rode for Mystery Skateboards and Fallen Footwear, but it wasn’t until he left Mystery and Fallen and decided to move back home to Virginia that he finally went pro for Alien Workshop and Vans.  While out in California he put out a couple of parts, but they just don’t compare to seeing footage of Gilbert in his natural environment of Virgina.  This part isn’t from an actual video, but it is a compilation of a couple of video parts that have been condensed and re-edited.  Psycho indeed.

Chima Ferguson – Let’s Live

Chima is smooth as butter.  Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Chima came on the scene in the early 2000s, and hasn’t slowed down at all.  His ability to skate regular and switch seamlessly has always been one of my favorite traits of his.  His pro shoe from Vans rules and so does all of his footage in this Volcom video.  Enjoy.


Prepare to have your mind blown in May 2015.


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