How To: Strengthen Weak Ankles

Ankle Injury Rehab

We’ve all had our fair share of ankle injuries over the years.  The older you get the more frequent and long-lasting these injuries become.  In an effort to curb some of the heartache felt from extended periods off your board, we have listed a few exercises that will help you recover faster and, hopefully, help prevent future injuries.

ABC's For Your Ankle

ABCs For Your Ankle

Write Your ABCs – Using your ankle only, try writing your ABCs in the air a couple times a day.  For recovering ankles, this will help you regain your range of motion and for those of you looking to strengthen your already weak ankles, this is a good stretch to add to your morning routine.


Ankle Lifts

Heel Drops

Heel Drops – This exercise will strengthen your ankle in the upwards and downwards motion.  One of the most common ankle injuries in skateboarding is the hot pocket.  A hot pocket occurs when you land stiff-legged and bend your ankle and toes upward towards your shin causing severe pain around the top of your ankle where it meets your leg.  The “Ankle Lift,” as we like to call it, is one of the best ways to combat and prevent those evil hot pockets that every skater is so accustomed to.  To perform this exercise, you’ll need to find a set of stairs.  Choose a stair and position yourself to where only the ball of your foot and toes are actually on the stair.  From there, balance on your bad foot and allow your weight to shift downwards and bend your ankle upwards.  Now, using that weak ankle, lift yourself up and then back down, then repeat.  This can be pretty painful, so feel free to hang on to something at first.  Only do about 15 per day until you are comfortable doing more.  Over the course of a couple weeks you will notice the strength returning to your poor ankle.  Those mad snaps will be back in no time!


Robber Band Resistance

Rubber Band Resistance

Rubber Band Resistence – While Ankle Lifts provide strength and stability for a vertical range of motion, the Rubber Band Resistance exercise is great for building strength and stability in a horizontal range of motion.  Rubber Band Resistance requires a large therapeutic band that can be purchased from your local pharmacy or grocery store.  Once you’ve purchased your special king-sized rubber band, tie a knot in it to form a nice circle.  Place the band around something sturdy, I suggest the leg of a table or couch.  Put the band around the top of your weak foot and curl your toes around the band.  Now stretch the band out until it’s tight, and use your ankle to stretch away from the sturdy object that is holding the band in place.  Do this about 10 or 15 times on each side of your weak ankle, stretching it outwards and inwards, to build horizontal strength and stability.  This exercise is all about bringing back that precious flick that you have missed oh so dearly.


Here’s to no more ankle injuries in your near future.  Cheers!


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