Kenny Anderson LA to Vegas

This is history.  Kenny Anderson is back on the Converse team. You know the deal, but just in case you got lost along the way, Kenny laced up his Chucks back in 1997, turning pro officially a year later.  It almost seems like yesterday.  Ha, yeah, 14 years ago yesterday. After his introduction with Converse, Kenny rode for Planet Earth, Chocolate, and Adio. Five years ago, Kenny, then skating for Adio, showcased his journey from his hometown of Las Vegas to L.A.
Check out Kenny Anderson (ADIO) 2002 –

Converse gave Kenny a call in 2009, and immediately the rumors started.  All of the speculation combined with recession-induced sales slumps had dealers worried and wondering what they were going to do with his Adio signature shoe should Kenny go back to Converse. This was the beginning of Kenny’s journey back home, only confirmed by his statements in Transworld Skateboarding. In an early February 2010 interview with Transworld, Kenny expressed his relief, “Yeah, when I got back on finally, I put the shoes back on and it just felt right.”

Kenny Anderson and Converse published the video below to commemorate the homecoming and release of his new pro shoe, the KA-One. He is joined by many friends, who have influenced him and his skating and have helped him get where he is today. Join Kenny on his trip back home, from LA to Las Vegas…

The Converse Kenny Anderson KA-One will be available on in mid-July.  Stay tuned.

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