The Longboard Beach Run

I was living in San Diego, CA in the late 90’s. Working, skating, hittin Ocean Beach on Friday nights, and Pacific Beach on Saturdays…SoCal was pretty mellow back then. My roommate and I would head out and just ride. Freedom in the purest form, the bikini scenery, warm weather, tanned bikini clad chica’s, I said that already.

So yeah, me and my roomy worked at the same spot at the time, and got invited to go hang out on PB for a day. We figured why not? I mean we were headed there anyway. We took off that Saturday at about noon, parked the Big 89′ Chevy Blazer Beach Cruiser, got on the phone and headed to where my boy was. I will never forget this site. His girl gets out, with a longboard, and she says “Mines bigger than yours” classic, shes in. My boy heads around by us, pulls the cooler out of the trunk and drops it on his girls board. For some weird reason, I never paid any attention to this killer technique of style and creativity. It was almost like the beach cruiser method, but with four wheels. She sat on the cooler on the front of is longboard, he hopped on behind her, we all saddled up for a short ride to the beach.

Now if anybodies been around that area, you know its hard to even make it to the beach. Its even harder in OB. Most of the time, we get dragged into a sidewalk party, or we end up scoping the local flavor…Lucy’s Fur Coat?

Well the point here is a unbiased look at…”Longboards“. There shredders in cruiser disguise. And personally, well, I’ve owned a few. This year Buy Skate Shoes has a killer selection of Longboards and popular skate shoes. If your new to the longboard push, try a more conventional cruiser style, like the Never Summer Industries Swift Long board Complete, pictured above. For the riders that like to do more than just cruise, also offers some killer 2011′ designs like the Arbor Axis GT Long Board. Either way, when you hit our shop, make sure and check it out bros.


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  1. Kyle says:

    It was a fun day bro..hows the e.c.?

  2. Alex Smith says:

    The Kona Brewing Longboard Legacy Club recognizes participants who demonstrate their commitment to lifelong activity by completing a full or half marathon in at least three consecutive Surf City events cheap longboards!

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