Mind The Gap/Damn Am Atlanta

The Atlanta streets were fraught with skater dudes over the weekend…as two high-profile events claimed a stake on our town: Red Bull Mind the Gap and Damn Am Atlanta.

With the stated goal of bringing skateboarding out of the parks and back to the streets, Red Bull brought their Mind the Gap event to downtown Atlanta over the weekend.  The inaugural flat-gap contest took place at the intersection of Poplar and Lucky Streets…and, of the 60 skaters who participated, it was CJ Tamborino out of Minnesota who took first place with a switch varial kickflip.

As far as the Damn Am Atlanta Qualifiers at Hazard County is concerned…Ishod Wair, Antonio Massey, Dan Plunkett, Chase Webb, and Alec Majerus made up the top five…and will be headed to the Tampa Am later this year.

Did you all have fun this weekend?  I figured as much.  Are you all skated out?  Yeah…I didn’t think so. Did you get enough partying in? You don’t have to answer such an insane question.

Good luck to Ishod Wair at the Tampa Am in December.  I can’t believe that, just a few short years ago, you didn’t have a single sponsor.

Check out the video our friends at AtlantaHatesUs posted up.



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