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Back in the late 80s and early 90s skateboarding thrived on a “do-it-yourself” mentality. It was not accepted by the mainstream; it was hiphop, it was punk rock, it was a counterculture.

Before Shaun White’s signature jeans landed in Target, the only way to get a product catered to skateboarders were through companies founded by skateboarders. Enter Keith Hufnagel,  the founder of HUF.

Hufnagel’s approach to streetwear and skate apparel remains deeply rooted in the rough, gritty, DIY mindset. His first love has always been and always will be skateboarding. He continues to give back to his roots through the products and opportunities he provides through the company, maintaining the respect and influence HUF has over the skateboard, streetwear, and sneaker communities.

We are proud to be an official dealer of HUF apparel and sneakers. Here’s what’s new from HUF on BuySkateShoes.

Fossil Gray (click for details)



The HUF Southern in Fossil Gray – $69.99




(Cromer) Click for details



← The HUF Genuine in Cromer – $69.99


(Camel) Click for details




The HUF Hufnagel Pro in Camel – $84.99




More from HUF at


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