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Atlanta-based artist and co-founder of BuySkateShoes.com, Eric Elliott, is a man of few words. Upon spending a few hours with him, one will notice the substitution of casual small talk with a quiet, constant observation of surroundings. It’s as if he knows something that you don’t. He’s completely content with mutual silence and when he does speak up, it’s direct and to the point.

Inspired by these perpetual observations, Elliott creates works that represent a host of subjects; ones that exist together in a particular moment in time yet in a world of complete discord. His works depict subjects in drawn, painted, and printed images that put a dark spin on things, yet somehow leave you inexplicably satisfied.

“I find solace in these things.” Elliott explains. “In a gentle manner that is acutely aware of established notions of beauty, yet is ironically severe, sober, and pragmatic, I aim to depict these themes in a way that causes the viewer to alone, heartbroken, and confined, but oddly satisfied, content, and at peace.”

Elliott recently released The Rambling Introspectives of a Bourgeois Pragmatist – a sketchbook themed project on tour nationwide.

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Good People Happen To Bad Things

Its the Simple Things that Keep Us Alive

A Halfhearted Attempt at Lightheartedness #1

More of Elliott’s recent work can be observed  here or on Instagram. @juicemankins



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