Skate Hacks: How to Prevent Your Board from Chipping

No one likes a board with chips, especially if you chip it within the first few days of buying it.  Not only do chips affect the way the board skates, but they also leave a lingering bummer feeling knowing that the board integrity is forever damaged.

Chipped Board

Chips = No Good

Are you tired of chipping your boards as much as we are?  Luckily for us, there is a solution.  While this method may not completely prevent your board from chipping, it will elevate the chances of your board coming away intact after your next bail.

When you find yourself in a situation where chipping your board may be a possibility, the easiest way to prevent damaging your board would be to rub a little bit of wax around the nose or tail of your board.  This does not mean wax your board like if you wanted to do a noseslide or tailslide.  What you want to do is wax the part of your board that will be taking the impact from your bail.  Waxing the tips of your deck will help your board keep momentum when it hits the ground, thus reducing the risk of chipping.

You do not need to use a lot of wax.  A good amount would be one or two swipes across the areas that you might chip.



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  1. Alex Smith says:

    Using risers or shock pads can also help preserve your skateboard deck by keeping your trucks from hitting the deck while you skate. When your trucks hit your deck, it can cause the skateboard to split Click here.

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