Skate Hacks: How to Deal with Wheelbite



Remember that time you stuck a perfect (insert flip trick) down that (insert stairset or gap), but got wheelbite and didn’t roll away?  Wheelbite plagues us all, and yet most of us go about our lives not doing anything about it.  Instead of bowing out and accepting defeat, why not combat it?  Tightening your trucks is never any fun, buying riser pads doesn’t always help, and getting new bushings is never pleasant either, but there is an alternative.


Ever heard of people waxing their wheel wells?  Neither had I until I started showing pros around my city.  I’m not saying every professional skateboarder does this, but I have seen quite a bit of California’s finest toss a bit of wax under their wheels and come out victorious from their battle with the spot and it’s truly evil partner, wheelbite.  This method is so simple, so why not try it?  Of course, this can also prove to be a disadvantage if the wax is not applied properly.  It doesn’t take much wax to get the desired effect, and you really only need to use this tactic when you are actively trying a trick and are running into some wheelbite issues.  If you are someone like me who skates looser trucks, odds are you will run into this issue much more frequently.

How To Prevent Wheelbite

Apply Wax Sparingly!

All you need is a small piece of your favorite wax.  Apply the wax to your board’s wheelbite scars, but be careful not to apply too much.  I suggest making only one or two passes across the wheelbite marks.  After you have applied the wax, go ahead and smooth it out with your fingers to remove any excess wax.  If you wax the wheel wells too much, you will leave wax on your wheel which can be dangerous in just about any scenario, especially if you’re in the middle of trying a really hard trick.

Ultimately, waxing your wheel wells won’t completely eliminate wheelbite, but next time your wheel feels the need to get physical with your board that wax will help the wheel to keep spinning after the initial impact.


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