Stee By Sk8Mafia and Sweet Skateboards

Sk8Mafia Skateboards has teamed up with a really cool European skateboard company called Sweet Skateboards to create “STEE.”  STEE is a skateboard video that includes both teams equally.  Each Sk8Mafia team rider shares a part with a Sweet Skateboards team rider.  Really cool idea if you ask me!  What better way for Sk8Mafia to boost their coverage in Europe, and the same goes for Sweet Skateboards in the U.S.  The trailer for the video has been up for a little over a week now, and just this morning Thrasher Magazine posted Tyler Surrey and Gustav Tonnesen’s part.  WOW… That is all I can say right now.  I haven’t gasped out loud from watching a skate video since I was a kid, but this part was absolutely ridiculous!  Such amazing styles mixed with never-been-done tricks and very fancy footwork.  Don’t forget the full length video will be available June 21st.  Job well done boys!!

 Watch Tyler and Gustav rip here!!


Check out the Sk8Mafia and DC Shoes collaboration shoe at


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