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Richie Jackson Full Part 2013

Richie Jackson is known for being a tad unconventional, finding inspiration in less-than-obvious places. This recent full section by Richie is very refreshing and especially creative. Dig!

Full Part


DC Shoes presents: Nyjah Huston Fade to Black (Full Part)

Nyjah Huston’s highly anticipated full part from DC Shoes finally dropped. Dubbed Fade to Black, this hellbender is sure to leave you picking up your jaw. Highlights include multiple 18 stair hammers, 270s on damn near everything, and of course Nyjah’s signature smooth, consistent-yet-massive style.

Get ready, the SOTY predictions are already starting to pile up. Vote for Nyjah for Thrasher’s coveted 2013 SOTY title.

“This is 5 minutes of some of the gnarliest skateboarding in history.” – Thrasher Magazine

Check out Nyjah’s signature shoe from DC



Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland” – A Backyard Progression

Bob Burnquist has yet again raised the bar for what’s possible on the mega ramp. In this mammoth full part, Burnquist adds a hip to his private ramp and introduces a helicopter. The edit is an introduction to Burnquist’s new web series, The Dreamland Series, and takes place entirely in Burnquist’s back yard.

For info on The Dreamland Series, head to Oakley’s YouTube Page.

More from Oakley at

Micky Papa Full Part

Enter Micky Papa. This 22 year old Vancouver native is quite the tech guru. “A Torey Pudwill with smoother style,” some have said. Comparisons and comments aside, the full part Papa just dropped is on everyone’s radar. The kid’s smooth style, jedi-esq board control, and ability to find the bolts every time he lands has caused quite the buzz. Watch the part and see for your self. Nollie inward heel to bs tailside bigspin out? umm…

Micky currently skates for Plan B skateboards, Nixon watches, and DC shoes among others.


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