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This Week on the Web: February 6th, 2015

The internet never turns off, or sleeps, making it hard to catch all of those great skate videos coming out daily.  In an effort to curb your relentless search for that video somene told you about we’ve compiled some highlights from skateboarding on the web this week.

1.  Superstar 80’s By Gonz

If you skate, you love Mark Gonzalez, or “The Gonz.”  This dude is definitely old enough to be most of our fathers, but he still knows how to rip on that plank of wood.  He has found his home at Adidas, and this commercial features a retro shoe breing brought back to life by Mark Gonzales.  While this is technically a commercial for a shoe, the video also showcases a good bit of skate footage from the street skating god father himself.  Spoiler Alert: that boardslide off the ramp was nuts!

2.  Behind The French Fred Scenes Are Back On Thrasher Magazine

Fred Mortagne, more commonly known as French Fred, has been in the trenches and filmed some of skateboarding’s most iconic videos including Flip’s Sorry, and Es’ Menikmati.  In the last year or two he has slowly been releasing the raw and sometimes unseen clips from the time period in which he filmed those videos.  Fred’s releases on Thrasher Magazine have been dormant for a couple months, but this week have resurfaced featuring Arto Saari and Kerry Getz in in Barcelona.

3.  Postcard 3

The Magenta Skateboards movement has been on the rise the last couple of years, and for all the right reasons.  Hailing from France, these dudes have brought new light to the creativity and fun of skateboarding within a major city center.  This 9 minute video features some of the most recognizable Magenta heads while also highlighting most of the Bourdeaux scene.  Worth noting, there is a little over a minute of footage from a since deceased french spot in the mid 90’s, and it is dope.

4.  Chris Joslin Plan B-Roll

Highlighting videos of the week wouldn’t even count if Chris Joslin’s crazy ass was not included.  The first three videos have had an unconscious retro theme, but this one is a perfect showcase of where skateboarding stands today.  Chris Joslin is full speed ahead after a “Welcome To Etnies” part, and his break-out part in Plan B’s latest video True.  This footage is all of the stuff he stacked that somehow didn’t make the cut for True.  This guy is a footage machine that con’t be  stopped.  Sit back and hang on to your breeches, this is another wild one.

Timeless Skateboard Graphics

GONZ – Any Mark Gonzales skate board graphic over the years. His own art helped inspired countless kids to pick up paint pens and draw it their way. If you don’t like what they are doing, do it yourself. Gonz showed kids that this is possible and started a whole new trend of pro’s drawing their own graphics. Complete inspiration.

Gonzales Series



Series Decks- It was so awesome when companies did series graphics. You could not wait to see what the next one was going to be. Just like your favorite comic book or band, you could not wait for the new issue or album to drop… We all have our favorites within the series but as a whole they tell a great story. John Lucero and Rob Roskopp had some of the best most anticipated ones of all time.

Lucero Series 2

Lucero Series 1


Roskopp Series


Controversial Decks- Skateboarding has always lived outside of the main stream. Never scared to tackle any issue, no topic is ever too controversial as seen in these decks. Push the limits and making parents crazy in the process. The funny thing is, these are the most sought after cherished decks out. You can always remember where you were and what you were doing the first time you saw one of these in person. Instant time warp.





Hard to find decks


15 Years of Gonz | adidas Skateboarding

“Mark Gonzales has been a member of the adidas Skateboarding family inspiring, developing and nurturing the skateboarding program for 15 years. It is with great honor that we celebrate Gonz, not only for these past 15 years of adventure, but for having such an impact on our lives and making skateboarding what it is today.” – adidas

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