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Return of the Rubberized Toe Cap

Rubber Toe Cap Skate Shoes

Without a doubt, lately, you’d be hard pressed to look into a footwear catalog and not see at least one model featuring a rubberized toe cap. The majority of footwear brands are adapting to this trend. “Why?”, you may ask? Well for starters, besides offering a slight vintage look (Think PF Flyers and The Sandlot) the rubber toe cap significantly adds more life to your standard skate shoe.

In no particular order. Here are some of our favorite upcoming releases and a model we hope to see in the near future:


Huf Classic Lo


HUF Classic Lo 

What you see is what you get with this no thrills low top; vulcanized construction + minimal padding. Definitely a good look for anyone looking for superior board feel but can sacrifice a little support.

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Vans Happy Daze


Vans Happy Daze

Aesthetically, the Vans Happy Daze and Huf Classic Lo look a lot alike. However, the Happy Daze is not necessarily a cut and dried skate shoe. It caters more to day to day casual wear. With it’s removable, washable UltraCush Eco footbed, go ahead and pop them socks off because you will want to go sockless on your next night out on the town.

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Did Nyjah Huston bring the Illuminati to skateboarding?


Adidas Superstar


Adidas Superstar Re-Release


When I think of rubberized toe caps, personally, two shoes pop into my head: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star & the Adidas Superstar. The latter has recently been reissued in several limited color-ways to honor the skateboarders who wore them best (Kareem Campbell, Richard Angelides, Drake Jones, and Joey Bast).

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With that being said, I’d like to call attention to the fact that Elissa Steamer should be noted in this conversation. Just watch her part in Toy Machine’s “Welcome to Hell (1996)”. We would love to see “Steamer” written in gold foil by the three stripes! Elissa truly is a Superstar.



Check out some classic video parts that earned these guys pro model Adidas shoes…

Now let’s take a look into the future to see what’s coming down the line.


Nike SB Zoom All Court CK

For what seems like an eternity a lot of us have been wondering what shoe has the whimsical Cory Kennedy been running. Well, it’s the All Court and it’s about to drop this fall and here is a sneak peak for the ones dropping in November and December:


806306-061-PV 806306-181-PV 806306-211-PV


It doesn’t take a sneaker expert to tell you that Converse is no stranger to rubberized toe caps. From the Jack Purcell to the Chuck Taylor the rubber toe cap is part and parcel to Converse’s image. This summer they will introduce a new style that mimics the more petite toe cap of the Huf Classic or Happy Daze. So if you were ever on the fence and need a shoe to test the rubber toe cap waters you are in luck. The Converse Sumner will be available in June!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 3.06.50 PM


Use these 3 tips to make your skate shoes last longer…


DC Evan Smith Pro?

This last style is pure speculation but everyone here is hoping this model comes to fruition.

Evan Smith has been spotted wearing a sample of a low top vulcanized DC shoe that features, you guessed it….a RUBBER TOE CAP.

evan-smithevan smith 2

So with DC potentially creating a pro model with this rubberized toe cap, I think it’s safe to say that this re-emerging style is here to stay. It will be incredibly interesting to see what other brands adapt.

Nike SB Presents SB Chronicles Vol. 2

The SB Chronicles Vol. 2, a new full-length video from Nike SB, features Ishod Wair, Daryl Angel, Shane O’Neill, Justin Brock, Laun De Oliveira, Theotis Beasley, and Donovon Piscopo.

SB Chronicles 2. Cast

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Mens Skate Shoes on Sale

Check out the top five skateboard shoes on sale right now at These popular models give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to performace and durability. Save more than 30% on these shoes from Nike SB, Emerica, Fallen, adidas, and DC Shoes now!

42% off!

Fallen Forte (Blk/Thunder)

This Fallen x Thunder Trucks collab is heavy duty, durable, and 42% off! It features a vulcanized outsole for great board feel and features an EVA insole to cushion hard landings.


Click for more pictures.

The Emerica Liverpool (Grey/Gum)

There’s something about a vulcanized gum sole. They’re look clean, are mark free, and seem to have that little extra bit of grip.  Couple this with a seemless toe and timeless Emerica styling and you get this Emerica Liverpool. Priced right now at 31% off it’s hard to pass up.


Click for more pics.

 The Nike SB Blazer Mid LR (Khaki/Black-White) $54.99

There’s a reason the Nike SB Blazer is so popular amongst the Nike SB team. Originally designed as Nike’s first basketball shoe, it’s naturally supportive, durable, and made for impact. The Blazer Mid features a slightly shorter heel piece for mobility.

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Adidas Adi Ease (UniBlue/Run White) $44.99

Nestor Judkins edition of the adidas Adi Ease has a suede upper, vulcanized sole, and PU sockliner for added comfort.


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DC Cole Lite S (Battleship/White) $49.99

Chris Cole likes the look of his shoes like his skating, clean. The Street League frontrunner has matched the support of a cup sole shoe with the light, slim profile often associated with vulc soles. It’s the best of both worlds.

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Nike SB presents the Paul Rodriguez 7

Nike SB announces the new P-Rod 7 in this hilarious edit featuring Blake Anderson from Workaholics. Hop on board with Skate Safari Tours and hit the L.A. streets in search of “top skaters” in their natural habitat.

The Nike SB P-Rod 7 by Paul Rodriguez

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What’s New?

In the last couple weeks while browsing the web, I came across a couple videos I wanted to share.  The First being a trailer for Nike SB’s second installment of their “SB Chronicles.”  This one should be pretty awesome, especially when they have Justin Brock, Theotis Beasley and Ishod Wair all in the same video!

The second video I came across is the new Mark Appleyard part that came out on Saturday on The Berrics.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from Mark Appleyard.  Who remembers his part from Flip’s video “Sorry”?  I sure do!  He was definitely one of my top 5 Favorite skaters for a long time.  Watching this part got me siked to get out of the house and go push around.  I got a feeling of relief knowing that Mark Appleyard was still out there going for it because for a while I thought he was out of the game or getting ready to retire.

Follow this link and watch Mark kill it!!

Watch Mark Appleyard’s New Part Here!!


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New Nike SB Drop

The new Nike SB drop has landed…

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Where Will Mike Mo Go?

I’m really not 100% sure why this is getting as much hype as it is, but, as most people are already well aware, Mike Mo Capaldi will be leaving Lakai once his contract expires at year’s end.

There’s a whole lot of speculation out there as to where Mike Mo will land, but the conventional wisdom is that he will be heading to DC for a full footwear and apparel deal (which…leads to the assumption that he will be leaving Matix as well).

A really interesting article on the subject was posted on yesterday.  This article discusses the post-Fully Flared departures of Anthony Pappalardo (Converse), Cairo Foster (etnies), Alex Olson (Vans), Eric Koston (Nike SB), and Lucas Puig (adidas)…while describing Lakai as a sort of “development team”…where young talent gets on early, builds names for themselves, and later get lured away by lucrative contracts offered by the big brands.  This article suggests that this phenomenon will become a ongoing pattern for Lakai…especially given the “instant cool factor” that an association with Girl or Chocolate brings.

I guess…the real issue isn’t who rides for who and why, the real issue is the push and pull between the “for the skaters, by the skaters” ethos and big, public brands that have broken into the skate market.

Personally, I’m not going to fight this fight.  Naturally, I would prefer that skateboarding stay true to it’s so-called “core” roots, but, as they say, “core is poor”…and why shouldn’t guys like Mike Mo take the money that’s put in front of them?  Similarly, why shouldn’t these big companies try to build their brands and expand out into skateboarding…particularly if they’re offering a product that skaters want?

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