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Dee Ostrander Pro for Baker Skateboards

When we first got word that Baker would be surprising our good friend, Dee Ostrander, with his very first pro model, we knew we had to be there.  We got wind of the big secret only a couple of days before, so we cleared our schedules, packed up the car, filled the cooler and headed to Dee’s hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.


Getting ready for the road.

When we arrived in Nashville, we met up with the F.U. Crue and hit the streets.  Then we met Dee and the Baker boys at the first spot.

Dee, Theotis, and the boys

Dee, Theotis, and some of the boys

The heat really got turned up at the next spot.  We were rolling with about 40 dudes, and we are at this sick rail spot in downtown Nashville.  Security showed up, and they were pissed off right away.  One of the security guys pushed someone, and the crew didn’t take that very well.  A couple pushes and middle fingers later, security blocked all the entrances and all the vans and cars that were with us had to hop some curbs to get away before the cops showed up.

"Suck IT" to security.

“Suck IT” to security.

After a couple more spots and a couple more run-ins with cops and security, it was time to head to Hattie B’s where Andrew Reynolds was planning to turn Dee pro.  In classic Boss Man style, Reynolds picked up the tab and bought everyone plenty of food and beer.  When the food arrived on everyone’s tables, Doughnut (Baker Team Manager) walked around with a tray of specially labeled Texas Pete hot sauce bottles.  Dee grabbed a bottle, and then realized what was happening.  As soon as he began to look around the patio errupted and out came his first pro model boards for Baker.  That is when things start to get blurry.  Thanks for the good times, and the heavy hangover, Nashville.  DEE IS F#CK!NG PRO!

Dee Ostrander Pro For Baker

Dee holding his very first pro model board

When the boss turns your friend pro, you gotta be there. @diseasedostrich #DeeProAsFuck4Baker 🎉🎉🎉

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Ben Raybourn Pro for $lave

Is it really true that Texas has given rise to the most pro skateboarders out of any state? That’s the word on the web. Texas can now add another to the list now that Ben Raybourn has gone pro for $lave. Ben’s known as having a sort of old-school style that includes a bag of tricks from a different era. “I guess I just do my own thing. Me and my friends would just do weird, dumb tricks,” Ben claims.

Ben’s first series of decks are out now and ready to ship. His sponsors include $lave skateboards, Bones wheels,  Ipath shoes, and Theeve trucks.

Fact: Ben’s grandfather, Eddie Tilley, was an Olympic diver in the 1950s and a Navy Seal in  the Korean War.

Walker Ryan Turns Pro Tomorrow

So Organika has a teaser out for Walker Ryan’s “going pro” video that’s dropping tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 1.

I think it’s impressive that Walker has stayed busy traveling and shooting over the past couple of years all while finding the time to attend and graduate school. To call Walker a workhorse is an understatement.


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