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3 Tips to Make Your Skate Shoes Last Longer

The age old struggle between skate shoes and grip tape may never be completely resolved. We all know skateboarding is rough on shoes. Constantly sliding across grip tape can wear down almost any material over a period of time. Whether your shoes are made of canvas or some type of high abrasion plastic, eventually the grip tape from your board will wither away the materials of your shoe until those nasty neglected toes of yours rear their ugly heads.


In my many years of skateboarding, I have noticed a trend. More times than not, the shoes that skate the best do not last very long while the shoes that do last long don’t always skate that well. To me this has something to do with board feel and how well you are connected to the surface of your board. Typically, the more board feel a shoe has, the thinner its materials are. The older I get, the more I realize how expensive and costly skating can be. The biggest budget eaters are shoes, which led me to put more emphasis on making my shoes last longer. Here are a few tips I learned to keep the shoes that skate the best in commission for longer.


One of the most effective ways to prevent major wear issues on your shoes is to attack the problem before it starts. A preemptive strike can ensure the longevity of those shoes well beyond their normal life expectancy. All you need for this one is a bottle of super glue. Take that bottle of super glue and apply it to the stitching around the flick and Ollie regions of your shoe and maybe even around the collar of the shoe if you’re a heelflipper. By this point in your skateboarding life you are probably aware of what areas you tend to tear or rip so pay attention to those areas the most. This method will keep the shoe intact in its original form the longest.

WARNING: DO NOT use the super glue for anything other than the stitching of your shoe because when dried the super glue can cause you to lose grip in over-applied areas.


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Another major annoyance with the not-so-slow demise of your skate shoes is the lace ripping factor. Most skate shoes are designed to fit your foot with the idea of having your shoe laces tied. Of course, our old friend Mr. Griptape doesn’t get along well with shoe laces. Whether you are in the middle of trying to film the last trick for your fifteenth sponsor-me video or cruising down the street to grab some beer, a ripped lace in the right spot can affect you negatively and cause your shoe to feel a little loose and odd. Instead of having to re-route your shoe laces through different lace loops and knot combinations, add a thin layer of shoe-goo across them to keep them in place and safe from that deviant little teddy bear cut out or sweet rebellious stenciled grip tape. The major disclaimer attached to this method of skate shoe protection is that once you add the shoe-goo to the laces, you will lose the ability to tighten or loosen them.


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The next method is by far the most common of skate shoe protection, but with a minor twist. Once you do rip or tear a hole in those grippy board feeling machines, you’re going to want to patch that hole with some Shoe GOO. The first step in this process is to find something to cover the hole from the inside of the shoe. You can use almost anything to temporary cover the hole in preparation for the Shoe GOO. The best type of hole cover would be a piece of suede and/or canvas from another shoe, but we aren’t always fortunate enough to have spare pieces of suede laying around. The easiest thing to find on a skate session would probably be a sticker. Make sure you cover the hole from the inside of the shoe, and apply only the amount of Shoe GOO needed to cover the affected area. The best tool to use to smooth out the shoe-goo and not create any bumps or runaway goo? An ice cube. The ice cube will not only smooth out the Shoe GOO into an almost flawless patch, but it will also accelerate the drying period of the newly added Shoe GOO.

Use these methods to keep your favorite shoes skating longer. The super glue method is my personal favorite because it affects the integrity of the shoe the least. These efforts can help you save time and money for more important things, like buying a new board or paying off that trespassing ticket you got for skating the local school yard. If all three are employed together, you may have a skate shoe that will last much longer than you ever thought it would.


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Mens Skate Shoes on Sale

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This Fallen x Thunder Trucks collab is heavy duty, durable, and 42% off! It features a vulcanized outsole for great board feel and features an EVA insole to cushion hard landings.


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The Emerica Liverpool (Grey/Gum)

There’s something about a vulcanized gum sole. They’re look clean, are mark free, and seem to have that little extra bit of grip.  Couple this with a seemless toe and timeless Emerica styling and you get this Emerica Liverpool. Priced right now at 31% off it’s hard to pass up.


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 The Nike SB Blazer Mid LR (Khaki/Black-White) $54.99

There’s a reason the Nike SB Blazer is so popular amongst the Nike SB team. Originally designed as Nike’s first basketball shoe, it’s naturally supportive, durable, and made for impact. The Blazer Mid features a slightly shorter heel piece for mobility.

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Adidas Adi Ease (UniBlue/Run White) $44.99

Nestor Judkins edition of the adidas Adi Ease has a suede upper, vulcanized sole, and PU sockliner for added comfort.


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DC Cole Lite S (Battleship/White) $49.99

Chris Cole likes the look of his shoes like his skating, clean. The Street League frontrunner has matched the support of a cup sole shoe with the light, slim profile often associated with vulc soles. It’s the best of both worlds.

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Globe Gym Bag & Jake on YouTube

At this point, I am sure that you are well aware of who Jake Duncombe is. TransWorld Skateboarding recently named Jake one of the Ten Infamous Australians. That’s a pretty big notch in his belt if you ask us. TWS had this to say:

“Just when you think he might finally be a couple of bourbon and cokes over the line, he’ll come out to Downtown Showdown and promptly back noseblunt the Hubba.”

We are hyped to fire it up with Globe this month. Buy any pair of Globe skate shoes and we will include a FREE Globe Gym Bag with the purchase! Respect the tech in a pair of Globe Fusion or enjoy a rummer and a cigar in the Castro.  Whatever your angle, Globe has you covered.

DC Shoes Chris Cole S Skate Shoe Review team rider JayJay Patterson received a pair of DC Chris Cole S skate shoes for review. DC Shoes wanted to get these into there shops hands before the official product release in July. Our boy JayJay was filmed in the mini-park. Greg Brashear gets the all the film/edit & final cut credits. Let’s check out what Jay Jay had to say about the DC Chris Cole S.

DC Chris Cole S Shoe Review from on Vimeo.

Note* The Chris Cole S from DC Shoes will be available on our website in July. Stay tuned to our Skate Shoes Blog & Buy Skate Shoes Facebook Page for further release info!

Nike SB Koston One – Release The Shoe

Eric Koston’s long awaited signature shoe is almost here! And judging by the great big smile on Eric’s face in the video below, the stress of designing his Nike SB signature model is finally off. The first of his skate shoes are shipping to retailers now. Yesterday marked the first Official Release of the limited edition (24 pairs) of Kobe/Koston Kicks. And if you were fortunate enough to be in Los Angeles at the Nike Vault to purchase a pair, well send me an email please.
We are only a couple of more days away from the official release of the Eric Koston One Nike SB skate shoe. Trust us when we say “A couple of days”. We are hyped to be a part of the Koston movement.

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski Mid: I Like The Shoes, But I Love The Video

The new Nike SB Stefan Janoski Mid dropped earlier this month…and, while this new style itself is certainly generating its fair share of hype, I’m more hyped about the commercial that Nike put together to promote their new design.  It’s the perfect amalgamation of live action, archive footage, and stop-motion animation.  You’ll never look at paper cut-outs the same way again.

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