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Leatherman “Grind” Multitool Review

Smaller than your walletSo let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than being out skateboarding and breaking a board. It always seems to happen on those perfect days; blue skies, good vibes, and even better spots, when disaster strikes. As a seasoned skateboarder, I typically keep a spare deck in my car for myself or a friend in need, but I always fall victim to the “no-skate-tool blues”. This means one of two things; either I don’t have a skate tool on-hand or have a skate tool minus a screw driver (I’m looking at you Unit Skate Tools).

Recently I was stoked to be given the opportunity to test out the new Leatherman Grind Skate Tool. Generally I am always be skeptical of any outsider companies entering the skateboard arena; however, the Leatherman brand is synonymous with quality craftsmanship. I knew their product would probably be awesome.

The Grind Skate Tool doesn’t disappoint and it features eight tools; a Grip Tape File, 9/16” Open End Wrench, Bottle Opener, Truck Key, ¼” Hex Bit Driver, ½” Open End Wrench, 3/8” Open End Wrench, and a #1-2 Flat/Phillips Screwdriver. These eight tools are divided into two separate pieces, which snap together to make one compact tool. This bad boy weighs in at a little under two ounces and is a hair longer than a credit card, so it’s not bad skating with it in your pocket.

After using it for an entire day, my only complaint is the #1-2 flat/Phillips screwdriver tends to slip if your mounting hardware is slightly worn out, so turn slowly and you’ll be fine. Other than that this tool is essentially flawless and should last for forever. Hell, it’s back by a 25 year guarantee. So whether you are setting up a new board or looking to open a road soda, Leatherman has got you covered with the Grind Skate Tool.

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The “Integrity” Of Skateboarding?

The Integrity of SkateboardingOver the past ten years, the skate industry has seemed confused about what is best for skateboarding.  Sometimes the word “integrity” gets thrown around as if every skater has the exact same idea on what “the integrity of skateboarding” actually is. So what is it? In a nutshell, it’s hard to argue about concept when everyone’s idea of the concept is different.

One argument urges skaters and consumers to form united front,  keeping skateboarding in the hands of businesses owned by people who have always supported skateboarding—a theme that has always reverberated in an industry that wasn’t always so mainstream.

The other side stresses growth, exposure, and global market expansion. It refers to skateboarding as a “sport” complete with cups, leagues, championships, and games. Subscribers to this idea work tirelessly to make sure skateboarding never strays far from the public eye or the mainstream spotlight.


The éS Keano R.I.P.

We’ve been selling skateboard shoes since 1997. Over the past fifteen years we’ve seen the decline of skate-specific brands like èS and the rise of sporting goods brands like Nike, Converse, and now New Balance. Iconic brands like DC and SUPRA are making running shoes while streetwear brands like The Hundreds and Diamond Supply Co. have entered the skate-shoe arena. The skateboard market is not the small niche it once was. Is this good, bad, ugly? Contrary to popular belief it’s not up to Lil Wayne or Leo Romero to decide. It’s up to you – the skateboarding consumer, the lifeblood of skateboarding. Decide passionately and decide wisely.

Plaid With A Purpose – Flannels for Fall 2012

These cozy button-ups have made a big come back since the early nineties and for good reason; they posses the timeless ability to make any outfit comfortable and warm. Match them with a pair of jeans and skate shoes and you have a go-to get up for the entire season. Here are some of our favorite flannels currently gracing our our shelves.

Brixton – Donez L/S Flannel – $64

Brixton Donez FlannelThe Donez is a cotton flannel long sleeve button shirt with a standard fit and adjustable button sleeves. There is a Brixton woven label above the left pocket.

Altamont – Stagger L/S Flannel – $58

Altamont Stagger L/S FlannelDesigned by Andrew Reynolds for Altamont. 100% cotton yarn dye plaid long sleeve woven flannel shirt with Andrew Reynolds custom trim package.

Burton – Havoc Tech Flannel – $85

Burton Havoc FlannelUnfreezable and breathable. No thrift store surprises here. *Also available in blue

Burton – Ruckus Flannel$75

Burton Ruckus FlannelThe men’s Burton Ruckus Hooded Flannel and its hoodie/flannel combo package is worn by  the entire Burton snowboard team pretty much. Its lightweight warmth/quick-drying technical properties are perfect for Winter skateboarding.


For questions concerning sizing, availability, warrenty, or shipping information, please contact us at:

[email protected]

(866) 355-7463


New Cruisers at BuySkateShoes

Grocery getters, filmer’s decks, longboards, or cruisers…we got you covered. Browse our new selection of soft wheeled carving completes by Santa Cruz, Globe, Penny Skateboards, Never Summer, Sector 9, Loaded and more.  It’s time to get your swerve on.

Cruisers at

Cruisers, longboards, pro model skateboards and more.

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Think Skateboards | Business As Usual

“Don’t call it a comeback, but Think skateboards is looking better than ever. If San Francisco street skating is worth its weight in gold, feast your eyes upon a fortune. Enjoy.

Soundtrack –
Intro – Liam the Younger – Door
Interlude – Liam the Younger – Current Joys
Josh Matthews #1 – Family Portrait – Other Side
Josh Matthews #2 – Woods – Be All Easy
Interlude 2 – Liam the Younger – Sleep pt3
Russ Milligan – Family Portrait – Killer Statements
Interlude 3 – Yesterdays new Quintet – Sunrays
Adrian Williams – Wu Tang Clan – I Can’t Go To Sleep
Danny Fuenzalida – Sad City – Jaya
Cody Mcentire & Dave Bachinsky – Buddy Guy – Baby Please Don’t Leave Me
Interlude 4 – Liam the Younger – Sleep pt1
Lee Yankou #1 – Ty Segall – My Head Explodes
Lee Yankou #2 – Sonic Youth – Scooter + Jinx
Credits – Julian Lynch – Garden 2

*as seen on Radcollector and Thrasher.

Ambush Board Co. | Team Shoot Preview

Last week we had local rippers and long-time affiliates Mitch, Zerm, and Catnip out to the BSS mini ramp to take some photo’s. These guys are the newest addition to the skate team. We are proud to make them part of the family and look forward to seeing what they have store for the future.

Keep an eye peeled for more photos and footage of these guys in the near future. We’ve kept the good photos in our back pocket….




DC Roll Like Chris Cole Contest Winners

Yesterday marked the conclusion of our DC Shoes Roll Like Chris Cole contest! We are proud to announce our three winners:

1.) Marla Seagroves of Fuquay Varina, North Carolina
2.) Carrie Fehnel of Cordova, Tennessee
3.) Brandon Shiplet of Burkburnett, Texas

Congratulations guys! Marla, Carrie, and Brandon bought DC product from between November 23rd and yesterday, and were rewarded handsomely with one of three DC Chris Cole prize packages.

Now that you guys are “rolling like Chris Cole”, we expect to see all of your sponsor-me tapes on YouTube shortly after new years.

For all the latest and greatest DC Shoes and apparel, be sure to shop by brand at:

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