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How to break the internet

The highly anticipated video from Shane O’Neill titled “Shane Goes” literally did just that.  Once it was put on Thrasher magazine’s website a very select few were able to watch it before hundreds, thousands, millions of people hit the site at the same time.  What happens to a website when it gets flooded with people?  You guessed it – the servers crashed.  Thankfully Thrasher was able to get the problem fixed and now you can enjoy what is arguable the best web edit we’ve seen this year.   Sit back and watch Skate Mental’s very own go just that….Mental.

Locals Only, Bro. No Kooks!

In a yesteryear-themed tale of epic proportions, the Back Forty Bros, consisting of Pedro Sanchez (Marc Johnson), Larry Larry (Chris Roberts), and Blazyr (Kenny Anderson) hit the streets in search of curbs and smooth concrete. What they found other than apocalyptical jump-ramp bliss, was love, admiration, and above all…respect from their peers. Well done, well fk’n done. No kookery here.

Locals only, No kooks.

No kooks here.

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As a follow-up to last week’s “Did Contests Kill The Street Skater” blog post, I would like to highlight a couple of alternative contests on the horizon.

All City Showdown #6
All City Showdown is a true street skating contest. Spots, cracks, rough ground, weather, security, pedestrians, cops, traffic and a time limit. Everyone leaves the shop at 11 and comes back [at] 7 to hand in their footage. It’s that simple.”
This year’s Showdown deviates from Showdowns past in that 3 skaters and 1 filmer are given 8 hours to collect footage.  All footage is turned in at the end of the day is only seen by the All City judges and the editors until the day of the premier.  Difficulty of tricks, number of spots, quality of spots, style, and creativity all are taken into account when deciding the winners.
Take a look at this video from last year’s All City Showdown 5.

King of the Road 2011
The title of King of the Road is given out once a year by Thrasher magazine.  The tradition was started in 2003…and has been one of the premier skateboarding contests in the good ol’ U.S.A. ever since.  King of the Road, of course, is known for serious ripping combined with urine-soaked, old lady make-out session-laden gnarliness and true skater grit.  It’s time to start desensitizing yourself to any sort of sordid, grimy luridness in advance of next year’s wild ride.
Check out the KOTR 2011 End Of The Line Party video.

Slap Mag’s 8th annual One In A Million
Since 2003, Slap Mag has been giving unknown riders the chance to get known.  This year’s 10 finalists have been announced.  Who is going to fight through the heel bruises, the shredded elbows, and the sleep deprivation?  Will it be you in 2012?

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