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The internet is a very large space with a lot of things going on at once.  Over stimulation?  Maybe.  With the amount of stuff coming out daily, it can be overwhelming, so we have compiled a couple of the best videos that came out this week on the web.


1. Auby’s World via Thrasher Magazine

With a heavy duty list of sponsors including Nike SB, Krooked, Thunder, Spitfire, Matix, and more, it is no doubt Auby Taylor rips on a skateboard.  He’s got a unique style and an amazing bag of tricks to go along with it.  The switch heel at the end might just be the biggest switch heelflip ever done.

2.  Creature Skateboards Presents: Welcome To The Fiend Tyler “Squints” Imel

The heelflip heard ’round the world.  It is safe to say that this dude is not afraid of death.  Just about every trick in this introductory part has an extremely high risk factor involved.   That 540 over the hip at Burnside was pretty amazing too.  Congrats Squints!  You definitely deserve a spot on the team.


3.  Matt Miller Full Part For DC Shoes

Matt Miller is known for his superior tech skills and MASSIVE pop.  This part is a perfect blend of all of Mr. Miller’s greatest qualities.  Mind-numbing lines and crazy popped tricks.  The two tricks that stand out the most are his nollie straight over the back of the rail to 5050 down, and the frontside shuv-it 5050 on that super tall bank to rail.  Matt’s new shoe looks dope too.


4.  Weekend Buzz Episode 95: Tony Hawk & Andrew Reynolds

The Bird Man and Andrew Reynolds sit down and have a chat with everyone’s favorite skateboard talk show hosts, Rob Brink and Lee Dupont.  Tony Hawk and Andrew Reynolds go way back, and it’s really cool listening to Tony talk about how he chose Andrew Reynolds to be added to the Birdhouse squad back in the day.  Although one is the king of vert skating and the other is the king of street skating, they have a ton of similarities.  This is by far one of the most epic Weekend Buzz episodes to come out in a long time.  They switched up the location for the episode and everything.  Can’t wait for part 2 next week.


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