Travis Glover | Zoo York | NYC

It’s great to see kids on the come up these days with good style.

Although the concept of good style is completely relative, it’s a term synonymous with the homie Travis Glover. Travis is from our hometown and it has been great seeing him create such a buzz in the industry. The kid is as charismatic off the board as he is on it and super down to earth.

Check out this video of Travis and Chaz Ortiz skating NYC on a recent Zoo York trip. Travis has a back tail smooth like a than a hot comb on nappy a__ hair.

“Episode 3 of the ZOO YORK POST features Chaz Ortiz and Travis Glover on their recent trip to NYC. Watch as the crew shreds all over the city, stops in at local hot spots, helps design next year’s apparel and much, much more.

Filmed and Edited by R.B. Umali for Zoo York Media Group.”

**Big shouts to Zoo York Media Group for keeping golden era hip hop alive.

**Follow Travis on Instagram: @tgloves



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