Vans’ Propeller | 7 Highlights

Vans‘ first full length video, Propeller, has arrived, and it exceeded our expectations by a mile.  It is very rare that a video with so much hype around it actually lives up to everyone’s expectations.  Every single part in the video could have been the curtains of any average video, but not a Vans video.  From Chima and Rowan, to Dan Lu and Gilbert, to Kyle Walker and AVE, this video is jam packed with the most amazing skateboarding paired with beautiful cinematography.  We watched it over and over again and compiled a short list of clips that definitely deserve some extra love…


Vans’ Propeller Clips You Need To Watch


Ray Barbee’s Blunt Heelflip

Ray Barbee In Vans Propeller


Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that we didn’t expect to see any Ray Barbee footage, but damn we really didn’t see this trick coming.  The image above features one clip of him pushing and hitting the no-complys perfectly. And then there was this…

Rowan Zorilla’s Switch Flip Noseslide

Rowan Zorilla In Vans Propeller

Rowan’s part is by far one of our favorites.  His quirky and loose style makes you want to pause the video and go push around for a bit.  Switch kickflip noseslides (featured) down hubbas are pretty rare, and this one was placed at the beginning of his part.  Definitely catches you off guard.  So sick Rowan!

Elijah Berle’s Double Chain Ollie

Elijah Berle In Vans Propeller

Please excuse the “shitty” screengrab.  Elijah Berle goes full speed ahead in this part and this is one of his very first tricks.  You know a spot is massive when it doesn’t fit in the frame.  This ollie (featured) is massive.  Over a curb, over a chain, over another chain, and into a bank. Elijah, you’re nuts!

Daniel Lutheran’s 360 Flip To Sidewalk Grind

Daniel Lutheran In Vans Propeller Daniel Lutheran In Vans Propeller

Daniel Lutheran is the man.  He sweats positive energy and smiles.  DanLu wrangles a 360 flip down this narrow double set and gets a little squirly on the ride out.  His back truck goes over the edge of the sidewalk and he basically does a text book backside smith grind on the sidewalk immediately following the 360 flip.  Bonkers.

Dustin Dollin’s Double Hand Touch Front Board

Dustin Dollin In Vans ProepllerDustin Dollin In Vans Proepller

Dustin Dollin came though with some heavy footage.  The 180 nosegrind back to regular on the Hollywood Bowl hubba was absurd. We couldn’t help rewinding this front board clip (featured)  because he somehow managed to touch the top and bottom of this ledge and still roll away.  Only Dollin’s drunk ass could have pulled this off.

Kyle Walker’s Fakie Frontside Flip 

Kyle Walker In Vans PropellerKyle Walker In Vans Propeller


Kyle Walker is on the come up.  The Oklahoma City native can hang with the big dogs on any terrain.  Andrew Reynolds and the Baker boys have made this skate spot (in image above) more widely recognizable over the years, so you know it’s no joke.  Kyle takes the cake with this featured fakie frontside flip.  Everyone here at is from Atlanta so the fact that he filmed his last trick here wearing an Atlanta Braves t-shirt makes this clip a million times better.

AVE’s Switch Backside Noseblunt Line

AVE In Vans Propeller

Anthony Van Engelen has been crushing the skate game for a very long time.  The dude is almost 40 years old and still puts together some of the best lines ever filmed.  This classic Los Angeles schoolyard line ends with a seriously heavy switch backside noseblunt on a table.  AVE, you rule!

Don’t see your favorite moment listed?  In the comments below, tell us your favorite moment of Vans’ Propeller and share with your friends.


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