Zero/DGK Tour

Rumor has it that Zero and DGK are going to be a joint tour at some point in the near future…at least that’s the rumor.

While, at this point, this may only idle talk, there are a lot of people out there who really want to see this happen. I mean…have you seen the Slap forums? A tour like this would be the perfect intertwining of the once diametrically opposed “rapper”/”rocker” skateboarding factions.

Can you picture Chris Cole and Stevie Williams skating together in perfect harmony?  James Brockman and Keelan Dadd?  Sheldon Meleshinski and Lenny Rivas?  Even pairing the two brand identities of Zero and DGK seems somewhat unnatural.

But, the fact is that the cross-over potential is there…and, if a huge turnout across the various skate cliques is what you want, this seems to be the right way to get it.  Who knows…in the process, we might start seeing a little more unity in the skate community…and a sense that we are much more than what our style of dress, our musical tastes, and the brand of skateboard that we ride says that we are? I’m just hoping that, if this does become a reality, they tour finds its way to Atlanta.



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